Karrueche Tran Isn’t Going Anywhere

Photo Credit: @karrueche Instagram
Photo Credit: @karrueche Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The love triangle may be finally over. Chris Brown and Rihanna are back together, and Chris has even proudly claimed that they are in a very happy place in their rekindled romance. We’re not really sure where that leaves the fashion line Chris has started with Karrueche, The Kill, but we can only assume for now that it’s still in the works considering that Karrueche Tran said on the red carpet of BET’s Rip the Runway that the clothing line is still very much on the way. Regardless, Chrihanna is back and many speculate that the reunion means the end of Karrueche’s time in the spotlight.

Regardless of Rihanna and Chris Brown’s “back on” romance, it may not be the end of Karrueche. As we reported recently, there are rumors suggesting that Mona Scott Young has her sights set on getting Karrueche to sign up for the next season of Love and Hip Hop, and Karrueche hasn’t helped rumors since she’s been spotted with season three favorite Tahiry.

Karrueche also has a new modeling contract, and it appears that she’s making lots of new friends in Hollywood. When one of her fans claimed that they felt like she was going to end up like irrelevant like fellow socialite Paris Hilton, Karrueche suggested that she has a plan of using her time in the spotlight to build an empire.

She tweets (read from the top to bottom):

karrueche twitter


We’re not sure what Karrueche’s plans are, but it’s clear she has some opportunities in reality television, as a stylist and even doing some modeling. But we have to admit, she could bring back the life to the cast of Love and Hip Hop easily considering how dry the current season has been.


  1. Well go head then Kae. I’m not even mad. Get that money and use your 15 as a bridge to wealth. I would! LOL.

  2. But she doesn’t have any talent or any kind of skill set to build an empire, you know like the love of Chris Brown’s life, Rihanna! LOL. All hail the QUEEN.

    1. Queen? Of what exactly? And talent and Rihanna should not ever be in the same sentence together. Rihanna got lucky! So why can’t Kae get lucky too and make something out of nothing? Ugh.

      1. I agree on that one….Ri is pretty much established but she still has a lot of growing to do…she is by far a “B” or a Mary…..But none the less…she doing well for her self. Kae…..ya typical pretty young lady didnt really seem to be in it for the fame or fortune……I truly believe that she and Chris were just like the best of friends which is how it should be…….however she is not wrong for grabbing at opportunities that are now put forth without Chris in the picture….She’s beautiful…….she has just a good of chance as making it to the top as anyone else….I say go for it KT. Im a Ri fan…….and think KT is cool……..But BREEZY…is on top right now….I think he’s one of the most talented in the industry right now. They’re all young…..I wish them all the best.

    2. I’d say Rihanna is a Pop Princess at best…but she’s not a Queen yet. She hasn’t mastered being the full fledge pop queen who can perform and put on a show yet. And she just got her first number one album and she’s been at this for like 7 plus years. She’s def a beast when it comes to hit singles but it takes more than that to get the queen label.

    3. Girl if you don’t have a stadium of seats! Rih is my boo but she ain’t no queen yet. She has a long way to go on that.

  3. Get em Kae. I like her. I want her to do her thing. But do NOT go back to the whole Breezy/Rih situation. She needs to move forward.

  4. Empire? Girl please. She better pull a Amber Rose and get another celeb to smash who will be sucker enough to marry her.

    1. Oh please believe Karrueche is working on that right now. She knows what’s up. She’ll have a new famous boo in no time.

  5. Why do I have the strange feeling that Karrueche is going to take Mona up on that offer? I mean with Love and HIP Hop NY doing so bad, I can see Mona pulling a pimp move to save the show. Karrueche could fix ratings easily. At first I couldn’t see Kae doing it, but I now I am expecting it.

  6. I’m rooting for Kae. I think she was done real dirty by Chris AND Rih. The best revenge is success and I hope she gets plenty of it.

    1. Rih didn’t hold a gun to Chris’ head…he was in the relationship and he left Kae willingly. So nah, Kae was just done wrong by Chris.

      1. I disagree. Let’s be real here. If Kae would have done what Rih did to her…Rih would be somewhere acting a fool and she’d go after Kae. Rih pursued him while she KNEW he was in a relationship. She wouldn’t want the same thing to be done to her and you know that. So yeah, both are wrong.

      2. Are we talking about the same situation in which Rihanna not only pursued Chris while he was with Kae but also taunted and bullied her on Twitter/IG? Because if we are, then I have to question how the only one you want to place blame on is Chris. Just sayin.

      3. *blank stare* This kind of rationale annoys the hell out of me. It’s no different than the same excuse the homewreckers use when they knowingly sleep with married men and say “well the home was already wrecked!” Later, they act a fool when some other tramp creeps in on their relationship…

  7. Why not? If Kim K. could create an empire from some BS sex tape, why can’t Kae do the same from dating Chris?

  8. I wish this Asian little boy would just go away. Chris is gone…her relevance ended the day he claimed Rih in that interview.

    1. Welp, her body was good enough for Chris for two years and the several months he went back and forth between her and Rih. So…

      1. LOL exactly! They kill me with that. Ain’t nothing wrong with Kae’s body or face…well at least not to Chris anyway. He still smashed and kept her around for two years. They need to let this girl be. Rihanna has her man, let Kae get her money. LOL.

  9. This girl is so pathetic. She was a REBOUND! Nothing more. Chris needed someone steady to smash and someone to make it look like he was mature enough to be in a longterm relationship post whooping Rih’s a-s. She should have known that he would go back to Rihanna eventually. No sympathy here!

    1. If Chris would use another woman for two years for his own GAIN, it makes you wonder what he’ll do this time around with Rihanna. I mean he already beat her face in after she caught him cheating AGAIN. Hmm…

  10. I don’t understand all the hate for Karrueche, especially coming from Rihanna fans. I mean she got Chris back, so why still be mad at Kae? Let Kae live and do her thing like yall want people to do for Chrihanna. IJS.

  11. I never understood why people hate Karrueche so much… she’s not the first girl CB dated after Rihanna just the first he dated SERIOUSLY! Which is why I believe Rih went full force to get him back, she couldn’t stand to see him happy with Kae. Yeah so whiile Chris and Rih rekindle their little ratchet love affair I hope Kae finds true love and fortune…fame ain’t all it’s cracked up to be!

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