Kendrick Lamar Explains Using Dark Skinned Lead Girl in Video

Photo Credit: Belloblock
Photo Credit: Belloblock

By: Taren Vaughan

Kendrick Lamar is a newbie in the rap game yet both his career and popularity with the rap heads has skyrocketed as the California-born rapper’s fan base continues to increase in numbers. His debut album ‘good kid, m.A.A.d city’ has gotten rave reviews and his hit single “Swimming Pools” is still getting much airplay. Kendrick Lamar’s album may be jam-packed with great tracks but there was one in particular that caused a huge buzz, ‘Poetic Justice’ featuring Drake. The song itself is a hot one but when Kendrick added in a little Janet Jackson vocals from her classic song ‘Anytime Anyplace ‘ in the background, that added to the heat that it brought. Kendrick was even going to the extent of trying to get Janet to be apart of the music video that he was shooting for the song, attempting to give fans a flashback of Janet’s role as Justice in the classic John Singleton film. Unfortunately, Janet Jackson wasn’t available to do the video but Kendrick was able to find the leading lady he was looking for. The original woman that was going to take on the lead role was a fair-skinned woman. But after putting some thought into, Kendrick decided to go with another woman instead, explaining to Miss Info why he and those behind the production of the video changed their mind:

“The crazy thing about it is we had another girl for the lead, you know but I had an idea where I just wanted a little bit more of a darker toned [girl] in the video because I feel like it’s almost like a color blind industry where there’s only one type of appeal to the camera. And this girl on set, I said, ‘You know what, let’s ask her’.”

And Kendrick doesn’t give himself the full credit for the last minute change as he gives the woman, whose name is Brittany Sky, props for being there and being willing to take on the part. And he describes how she was on set:

“I give her the credit due too, for just being there, and being just a natural,  genuine young lady. She wasn’t all in the open, trying to jump in front of the  camera. She was just cool and chilling you feel me? And I just said, you know, ‘It’ll work’.  Because I always kept in the back of my mind like  ‘You don’t ever see this tone of a woman in videos. “

Though Kendrick Lamar went with the darker toned female for his video, he says that he has nothing but love for all women but just felt as though there needed to be some balance:

“No disrespect, I love all women, period. But at the same time, I still feels like it needs that balance.”

Peep Kendrick Lamar’s interview with Miss Info below:

And Kendrick Lamar’s video ‘Poetic Justice’ featuring Drake:


  1. Well that’s great of him. I just hope he retains this mindset and respect for black women. Most rappers don’t though.

  2. Didn’t Kanye start off this way? Now look at that douche bag. For some reason rappers are humble in the beginning, then they get to a point where they don’t feel they have to be. And just like that, the hatred for black women kicks in. I like him though. I hope he proves me wrong.

    1. Yeah but you can’t compare Kendrick to Kanye. Kanye was never a smart dude. You can tell even by his early lyrics that he wasn’t an intellectual. By Kendrick’s word play and the way he’s managed to NOT be another statistic even though he grew up in the hood, you can tell he’s the real deal. He’s not some lost soul like Kanye looking for his identity through women or materialistic behavior. Kendrick knows who he is and even now, he’s not getting caught up in the standard Hollywood BS.

  3. Cool story bro…but he’ll be smashing trampy exotical bishes in no time. Oh and he’ll eventually wife one of those tramps too.

  4. That’s nice of him but count me out as one of those black women that really gives a damn what kind of women these rappers are putting in their music videos. Being a video chick is not an honorable career. Most of them are nothing but low key prostitutes screwing around to keep their bills paid. They can use whoever they want in their damn videos…as long as black women continue to outnumber black men in college and in entrepreneurship, I can’t be mad that we’re not the first chicks they call up for music videos. We’re doing much bigger things anyway. LOL.

  5. I admire him. Not because of his decision, but because of his mindset. I see the bigger picture with what he decided to do, and it’s nothing short of the type of person he’s been, at least since I’ve been listening to him; which was long before “Swimming Pools.” Kudos to him. This dude is going places. And I’m gonna be there every step of the way!! Yep. I’m a fan! lol

  6. I want to see more of Kendrick. I hope he keeps the same mindset & has a long and fulfilling career.

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