Drake & Chris Brown Slapped with Another Lawsuit

Photo Credit: @champagnepapi Instagram
Photo Credit: @champagnepapi Instagram

By: Taren Vaughan

Drake and Chris Brown getting sued again? The aftermath of the Chris Brown and Drake nightclub brawl at Club W.I.P. last year hasn’t died down yet as more lawsuits keep pouring in. After the news broke about the club fight, multiple people came out, claiming that they had gotten hurt during the brawl including several women and NBA baller Tony Parker. Model Romain Julien also claimed injury and filed a lawsuit against Chris Brown, Drake and the nightclub owners, a suit that caused some confusion when Drake and Chris responded to it, giving their sides of the story, as it was thought that Chris and Drake were suing each other which was not the case. Chris Brown, Drake and the club owners were already facing a lawsuit from Julien and several others who were partying at the club that night. And now two other women have come forward and are looking to get paid over the injuries that they suffered from that night according to legal documents obtained by Rumor Fix:

Hollie M. Cassidy and Veronica De Los Santos, who were at W.I.P. nightclub in New York, are suing both Chris Brown and Drake claiming negligence and seeking monetary damages for personal injuries.

The document states, “at some point Drake’s entourage and Brown’s entourage entered into an altercation involving bottle throwing, possible gunshots, and a general melee.”

Both Cassidy and De Los Santos were present during the altercation and both suffered severe personal injuries, “requiring hospital and medical care and attention including medical care and attention in the future; cosmetic deformities; scarring; extreme pain and suffering; inability to engage in usual daily activities; mental anguish and distress.”

The documents also revealed that the altercation all started after Drake sent the infamous note to Chris Brown, something that both Chris and Drake are denying ever took place. Hollie M. Cassidy and Veronica De Los Santos are also looking to sue the nightclub where the brawl took place as they feel that the club owners should have never let Drake and Chris Brown into the club with their crews considering the fact that the two entertainers have been said to have issues with each other.


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