Kenya Moore Calls Phaedra Parks Fat

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Taren Vaughan

The Kenya Moore Phaedra Parks feud is nowhere near dying down as the two housewives just can’t seem to make peace with each other. Starting out on fairly good terms with each other, things took a turn when it came to Kenya and Phaedra’s relationship as Phaedra was not too happy with Kenya’s flirty antics towards Apollo. And though Kenya’s main beef has been with other newcomer to RHOA Porsha Stewart, one started up between her and Phaedra over a deal that they were trying to workout out revolving around Phaedra and Apollo’s fitness DVD ‘Phine Booty: Donkey Booty’. The disagreement over the workout DVD was what escalated the feud and led Kenya and Phaedra to coming after each other with the disses. On last night’s episode of the show not only did viewers get a dose of the old NeNe Leakes again that we really haven’t seen this season, but the workout DVDs were brought up into conversation as Kenya and Phaedra were both asked about how their projects were coming along and what they did to put them together, causing an awkwardness during dinner.

That moment at the dinner table, along with some of Phaedra’s other remarks, must have set Kenya off again as she took to her Twitter account to go after Phaedra one more time after she made comments about Kenya’s butt being homemade with silicone from Home Depot during the acting class that they all went to on last night’s episode, Kenya already fed up with Phaedra for saying that she was flaunting a fake rear end. And Kenya says that if her body is from Home Depot then Phaedra needs to thank Sears’ tire department for her back “rolls” and gut (Read from bottom to top):




  1. What’s FAKE, was the relationship u created with Walter & announce last nite was over…..What i saw between these two has not a relationship……But she want us to be as delusional as she is….& why should anyone else stop associating with Walter because her trips didn’t work..LOL….EVERYTHING ABOUT HER IS A JOKE & FAKE….BRAVO, IS THIS THE BEST U CAN DO???

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