Kerry Washington Addresses Rumors of Jamie Foxx Romance

Photo Credit: Hip Hollywood
Photo Credit: Hip Hollywood

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kerry Washington is clearly on fire right now. One could even say she’s easily one of the busiest black actresses of the moment. She recently starred along Jamie Foxx in Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained, and she currently stars as the very fabulous Olivia Pope in ABC’s hit show Scandal. Her summer will also be a spectacular one as it was confirmed that she has a new movie coming out which was produced by Tyler Perry (Peeples). However, when one looks closely at her acting resume, it’s pretty interesting that she’s acted alongside with Jamie Foxx in quite a few of her films. She’s been Jamie Foxx’s wife already in two films, Django Unchained and Ray. And since the on-screen chemistry is so impressive between the two, sometimes their chemistry in real life and on the red carpet makes many people feel there might be a real romance taking place between them.

Kerry recently chatted it up with Hip Hollywood and she addresses the rumors that suggest she has an off-screen romance with actor Jamie Foxx.

She says:

“We get that a lot, which I think is a testament to how much we love working together as actors. We’ve played husband and wife twice now, so three’s a charm! We are looking for the next one, but only in movies.”


There you have it. Kerry has also been the subject of scandalous rumors surrounding the president. Some of the tabloids have been reporting that she has a crush on Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama hates her. Of course those reports have already been shut down. We’re thinking people are taking her portrayal of Olivia Pope a little too seriously.

Check out Kerry’s interview with Hip Hollywood below:


    1. Right. I don’t even think she’s into black men. And I don’t think Jamie is into black women. They work well together though.

  1. She must be a great actress if she has people thinking she likes Jamie that way off screen. Love her.

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