Kevin Hart Explains Failed Marriage

Photo Credit: @kevinhart4real Instagram
Photo Credit: @kevinhart4real Instagram

By: Taren Vaughan

Kevin Hart is without a doubt one of the hottest comedians out right now. And he is doing much more than just cracking jokes on stage in front of audiences as he has starred in movies and snagged his own pseudo-reality TV show Real Husbands of Hollywood on BET, which brought in high ratings for the network with its very first episode and continues to be a show to catch on Tuesday nights. Not only is his show doing well, Kevin Hart was invited to host Saturday Night Live and is covering the April issue of Ebony Magazine. In his recent interview with Ebony, Kevin opened up about his family and how though he is known to be a straight clown, ready to crack a joke, he doesn’t play around when it comes to them:

“Regardless of how much I joke and play around, my family and my lady don’t respect that about me. I’m serious, because I’m responsible for their well-being. I take that very serious.”

As Kevin has a new love in his life at the moment, he previously went through a nasty divorce from his now ex-wife Torrei. And now looking back on some of the things that he did as a married man, Kevin admits that he went through a lying phase that attributed to his failed marriage but says that going through it helped him become the man that he is today:

“When I was married, I definitely went through a lying period. I just turned into a liar, but you learn from your mistakes. Being that guy once upon a time has helped me develop into the man I am now, and I approach relationships in a completely different manner.”

While Kevin Hart makes a living off of making people laugh, he says that he does draw the line when it comes to the things that he jokes about as the comedian explains why he does not do jokes about gay people as he has seen what kind of impact that it can have on ones career:

“The repercussions for saying certain words are harsh, and careers have been shut down. I can understand how people could be affected by certain words and slurs. I get it. My way of showing respect is to not play around with it, not mention it, not joke with it at all. I understand how serious it is.”

Check out Kevin Hart’s cover for Ebony:

kevin hart ebony magazine



  1. He is no different from a celebrity that gets to his pinnacle of his career and leave the the down chick that was with you for a new chick. Please Kevin save that lying game BS as an excuse. Oh so you a better man after you dogged your wife. Get the F out of here!!!!

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