Kenya Moore’s Workout DVD Outsells Phaedra Parks’ Donkey Booty

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Taren Vaughan

Kenya Moore‘s workout DVD outselling Phaedra Parks’ Donkey Booty DVD? Kenya Moore has become a reality TV star with just her first season on Real Housewives of Atlanta as the former Miss USA joined the cast for season 5 of the show. And it didn’t take long for Kenya to find herself in the midst of some drama with the other cast members as she got into it with Porsha Stewart several times on the show. Though Kenya is still not done with her beef with Porsha, she has another one going on with Phaedra Parks over the infamous workout DVD that has yet to be resolved between them. After not agreeing on the figures that Kenya threw out at Phaedra for distribution and profits that she was wanting to collect, Kenya decided to venture off and do her own thing, coming up with a fitness DVD of her own originally titled ‘Stallion Booty’, much to Phaedra’s displeasure. Shots were fired back and forth between the two, with Phaedra turning her insults up a notch by going in on Kenya’s “silicone” butt. Of course Kenya didn’t stay silent about the accusations about her butt and she wasn’t done dragging Phaedra either as she went in on her again on Twitter.

While Phaedra’s fitness DVD caused some crazy drama between her and Kenya, it did become a best seller on Amazon. And as people were unsure as to how well Kenya’s workout DVD would do in comparison to Phaedra’s, according to LALATE, Kenya Moore’s DVD ‘Booty Boot Camp’ is in fact outselling Phaedra Parks’ ‘Phine Body: Donkey Booty’ and it happened within a matter of hours:

Kenya Moore is a bestseller overnight, outselling Phaedra Parks on Amazon in just the first six hours of her debut date, LALATE can exclusively report. “Kenya Moore: Booty Boot Camp” DVD was first announced on LALATE several weeks ago. But at the time, Kenya’s DVD was only in preorder. As a result, tracking figures from those presales were not available until her launch this morning.

LALATE can report, however, that Kenya Moore: Booty Boot Camp is already an bestseller in the first six hours of her debut. Moreover, Kenya has already dwarfed Phaedra Parks’ Amazon sales. Parks, who was an initially an Amazon bestseller as well, has fallen off dramatically in that website’s sales in recent weeks, according to its published tracking data. Parks had a several month advance lead on Kenya. But for Amazon, that appears to not have worked.

Looks like Kenya has the one up on Phaedra when it comes to their fitness DVDs.


    1. Right. The only RHOA chick whose DVD should be flying off the shelves is Sheree Whitfield! She really takes care of her body and didn’t pay for any parts of it (cough, cough Kenya).

      1. I’ve been thinking Sheree should have been the one to do this!!! She’s the truth when it comes to fitness.

    2. Agreed! Unfortunately Sheree is to messy to get ANY of her business off the ground. Didn’t she say that she was working on a work DVD and working out clothes line on the last reunion show she was on? Where is that? Still in process like She’ be Sheree.
      Phaedra probably stole the workout DVD idea from Sheree.

  1. Folk are really gullible, they buy anything these folk on the reality shows Sells, from T-shirts to dvds, to that blinged out hand held attachment that nene had with her cell ph on the show… ME I’mma sit back and watch these women (mainly kenya) make a fool of themselves and they are not getting richer off me… If I want a tshirt that says “I work hard Bi*ch* I’ll go buy it in the color I want and iron the saying on myself… (hmmpf) anything folk see on tv they want to run out and spend their lil’ money on it trying to keep up with these celebrities who could care LESS about anyone of their “fans” they don’t know you from a can a paint and only want you to continue to be as gullible as you are and buy buy buy their products their pockets getting FATTER while yours are getting thinner, empty, lent, holes LOL keep trying to keep up with the joneses

  2. Kenya is such a phony. A person could workout as hard as they want, they would never get the results that Kenya proposes unless they get the surgery also.

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