NeNe Leakes Stands by Checking Cast Mates over Dinner Party Incident

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

As we recently reported, NeNe Leakes checked the other housewives on a recent episode after they decided to show up to her house three hours late for a dinner party. Now in our opinion, fabulously meeting your friends at their car when they proceed to step outside the vehicle after you told them not to come and leaving them out on the curb looking confused is pretty tough. But it’s not like NeNe didn’t have a right to be upset, especially considering that she says the other housewives never called her to give her a heads up on their late arrival. And because they showed up three hours late and never called NeNe to let her know that they wouldn’t be on time, she had no qualms telling them to move along and get off her property.

Now this is probably the most we’ve seen NeNe get nasty this season (the star of the current season is easily Kenya Moore), but in NeNe’s words, she might be Hollywood, but she “still knows how to get hood.” And hood she did get when the ladies showed up to her house three hours late like it wasn’t a problem.

In a recent interview with Andy Cohen on “Watch What Happens Live,” the reality star and newbie actress stood by her choice to handle the housewives and leave them on the curb.

She says:

“Three hours late is unacceptable and there is no but about it. You just can’t make a wrong right. I understand thirty minutes late. You should call people when you’re (going to be) late.

“Let me just say this. I work. My schedule is fourteen hours every day. I had to work my schedule to be even able to do this for them. I went out of my way.”


NeNe also had a few words for Kandi. She called her negative and hints that she wishes Kandi would start saying things to her face:

“I feel like Kandi has been very negative. NeNe never goes in unless NeNe has a reason to go in. NeNe always keep it real. Now that, you can believe.”


  1. I like NeNe but she needs to take a chill pill. Friends and lame cast mates will show up late to a party.

  2. SHAME ON THEM…..VERY DISRESPECTFUL…there dinner later in the episode had me…cracking up….Kenya, being sensitive to a subject she brings up…(Walter)….announcing their relationship being over….was there a relationship???? I miss it….LOL….So no oneS can socialized with him because they didn’t work out…..BRAVO….can’t u do better….this nonsense is old….

  3. I kind of agree with NeNe, however, the ladies did tell her at the hotel that they was tired and didn’t want to go to the dinner party and she pressured them into going. But the ladies should have called her though and said they were gonna be late, that’s just being respectful.

    Sidebar, Ms. NeNe done went Hollywood on us! Talking in third person??? Okay! LOL.

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