Rihanna Shades Ciara, Ciara Claps Back

Photo Credit: @badgalriri, @ciara Instragram
Photo Credit: @badgalriri, @ciara Instragram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Looks like we’re now on round two of the long-standing Ciara and Rihanna beef. We’re not sure if any of you remember or not, but things got nasty between the two originally a couple of years ago on Twitter after Rihanna got wind of some comments Ciara made about her on Fashion Police. Apparently Ciara said she felt Rihanna had gotten the big head and no longer speaks when she sees her. Rihanna promptly took to her Twitter account and clapped back, insinuating that she felt Ciara’s talent is identical to the talents of a stripper and once Ciara told Rihanna that she didn’t want to see her on or off the stage, Rihanna hit her where it hurts and told her she’d have a hard time booking any stage. The two beauties did eventually kiss and make up on Twitter not too long after the catty exchange, but Rihanna’s low key shade since then has been hilarious and pretty consistent. Remember the incident in the music store?

Regardless, this is a pretty major time for Ciara, as she’s working diligently on her comeback. Last night, she released her new single “Body Party” in full, and the day before she released a video of her singing the single a cappella in her hotel bathroom in Paris. While Ciara’s fans were elated by the teaser video, Ciara’s critics were less than impressed, so we guess it’s safe to assume Rihanna wasn’t impressed either…especially since her best girlfriend Melissa Forde opted to post a photo of them in the bathroom watching the video with smirks on their faces on Instagram:


rihanna and ciara beef


It didn’t take long for Ciara’s fan base to get riled up and let their fave know about Rihanna’s latest shade, but Ciara clapped back in a classy way, suggesting that Rihanna and co. needs to grow up:


ciara and rihanna beef



If you missed Ciara’s a cappella, check it out here.


  1. This is like the blind leading the blind into a brick wall. And riri, those river island pants are FUGLY!!! GTFOHWTBS!

  2. I’m trying to understand why Rihanna feels she can throw shade…she can’t sing OR dance. So…

  3. LOL. Rih knows she is wrong for that one. But she can’t sing either so the shade was kind of unnecessary.

  4. Has Rihanna watched ANY of her performances? That child can’t sing and her dancing is just embarrassing. At least Ciara can put on a show.

  5. Say what y’all want about Rihanna but she’s one of the biggest stars in music right now. She has a fashion line, a deal with MAC, Chris Brown, and more number ones than any of your faves. She is on top and that Rihanna reign won’t let up! So yes, she can shade Ciara, and the “C Squad” will deal. No one told them to stan for a flop anyway.

    1. No you didn’t add Chris Brown to the list of things that she has…….LOLLOL. Too funny. Ri is on top not for her singing(she can’t), only for her antics….Man down….LOL

  6. I’m sorry…WTF is Rihanna wearing here? That’s what Ciara should have been shading. Girl fires her stylist and dresses like an Aaliyah reject and folks will call that stylish too. Sad.

  7. I want to know why Melissa feels so confident in being messy all the time when she looks like Wesley Snipes in drag…

  8. Team breezy makes me laugh. If she’s constipated, I’m sure Chris can help her with that problem. @team breezy,too easy….

  9. Not a Ciara fan, but this wasn’t cool at all. Why is Rihanna such a bitter and nasty bully? She penned a racist name for Karrueche and taunts her online, and now she picks on Ciara for absolutely no reason at all. As successful as Rih is, you’d think she’d be more positive and nicer to people. Sadly, she’s not. Her karma is coming.

    1. Rihanna is a nasty b-tch. She honestly needs to grow up and a brain. She’s the stupidest person I know lol

  10. The truth hurts……CIARA CAN’T SING!!!!! She will always be laughed at and it doesn’t matter by who. R&B is so dead. These voices of today are just terrible. I have to resort back to old music in order to enjoy R&B so sad and these chicks have the nerve to beef with each other? If it wasn’t for them spreading their legs, stripping buck a$$ naked, packing their faces with make up to throw the people off, they all would be FLOPS.

  11. In this day age talent means nothing. From a talent stand point she has a lot of nerve she doesnt have an ounce of talent.(Don’t believe me listen to her live) With that being said I understand why Rihanna is cocky she is huge artist who cant sing or dance. Ciara cant sing but at least she can dance that’s more talent than I give Rihanna.

  12. I honestly think the best thing for Ciara to do would sing a Rihanna song a capella in a bathroom. Haha, because lord knows that without Auto tune Rihanna has NO PIPES.

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