And There’s More: Rihanna’s BFF Vs. Ciara’s Fans

Photo Credit: @badgalriri, @ciara Instragram
Photo Credit: @badgalriri, @ciara Instragram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The Ciara and Rihanna beef obviously isn’t over. After the singers had a Twitter beef a couple of years ago as a result of Ciara suggesting on Fashion Police that Rihanna thought she was too good to speak to her when she saw her, Rihanna decided to go after her on Twitter. Rihanna hit Ciara where it hurt, and pretty much suggested that she was a has been who has problems booking stages these days. This eventually led to Ciara letting Rihanna know that she didn’t want to see her on or off the stage, and of course the cat fight was ended within minutes after both issued each other a very flaky apology. So no one should be too surprised that Rihanna and her friends took to Instagram to shade Ciara’s recent bathroom a cappella of her new single “Body Party” the other day.

While Rihanna’s pretty quiet on the latest shade, her best friend Melissa Forde continues to do her dirty work. As we reported last year, Melissa is known for taking to her Instagram account to shade Rihanna’s enemies. Before Ciara, she also got into it pretty tough with Karrueche’s friends before Chris and Rihanna officially got back together. So when Ciara’s fans whom she affectionately refers to as the “C Squad” got busy in her mentions, she decided to let them know why she finds humor in them identifying themselves as a squad. In one tweet, she hit Ciara and her stans where it hurt, suggesting that it’s pretty appropriate for them to refer to themselves as a squad because it’s so few of them:

rihanna ciara beef

Ciara’s fans of course decided to use the dictionary as well to clap back at Melissa:


ciara rihanna beef

Then Ciara’s boo Future had to chime in (read from top to bottom):


future twitter

future twitter 2


Meanwhile, Ciara is pretty much over it and too happy to let Rihanna and her friends get to her. She posted a picture of her getting cutesy with Future to her Instagram account last night:


ciara and future


They do say happiness is the best form of revenge, right?


  1. Yeah, Rihanna’s bff is lame. She’s a leach who has no real career of her own. She shouldn’t be trying to come for someone who is at least making their own money.

  2. So how is Melissa any different from Karrueche? The Navy loved to drag Kae and call her a leech with no job so if that’s the case, what does that make Melissa?

    1. Exactly! The hate for Karrueche stems from jealousy. She looks better and she’s got a better personality. I can see why Rihanna was intimidated. I just hope Kae moves the hell on and lets those two have each other.

        1. No disrespect, but I seriously wonder what you’re going to do when Rihanna gets the karma that’s owed to her. You can’t seriously think nothing will happen to her when she’s so nasty to other people, right? Rihanna’s not immune to karma of her career slowing down. This is the music business we’re talking about…

  3. Rihoe obviously still holds a grudge since Ciara showed her how to move that stiff body of her’s when she done that duet take you down with Brezzy lol.

  4. I love it! Rihanna and her friends are nothing but bitter birds and this just shows that even more! If she was so happy, why does she find the time to do dumb sh-t like this? I’m so glad Ciara isn’t letting Rih’s insecurities get to her.

  5. You would think that Rihanna would be so happy to have Chris back (the same guy she fought for like the last few months) but nah, she’d rather be nasty still and start sh-t with people who aren’t even thinking about her. Low self-esteem much?

  6. At the end of the day, Rihanna’s too busy with her fashion line to help make Ciara relevant. Does Ciara have a fashion line, deal with MAC, or any hits in the last couple of years. Oh…LOL!

    1. @Navy
      Rihoe so busy but yet took the time out of her busy schedules to be throwing shades at Kae, and now Ciara yet again.
      By the way what does Melissa actually do for a living lol

      1. “By the way what does Melissa actually do for a living lol” > Her personal bootleg photographer. She takes Rihanna’s IG pictures, especially all of the ones that feature a cameo for Chris Brown. LOL.

    2. Rihanna will not stay on top. Trust. And when she does fall off, we’ll see how much you’ll be trying to shade then.

    3. Fashion line? What Fashion line? Oh you mean the one that’s going to end up exclusively showing in rainbow stores nation wide….LOL

  7. Honestly, the whole situation makes Rihanna look stupid to me. Ciara kept it classy and she’s not worried about her. Meanwhile Rih and her friend are pressed for some reason. If Ciara is so “beneath” Rihanna, why did she give her the attention?

  8. This is why it’s so hard for me to like Rihanna. The grown woman in me can’t cosign the ignorant sh-t she does. Sorry.

  9. What is Melissa’s problem? She must be on Rih’s payroll to bully folks for Rihanna on Twitter and IG. Petty.

  10. What does Melissa do for a living, anyway apart from getting paid for being Riri main sidekick?
    As that’s the only reason why Melissa is so up Riri *** as she gets paid for it lol

  11. Sooo did I miss the shade? I thought Rhianna and her friends were just doing their own version of the body party song in London. Somebody clue me in…..

        1. Rihanna didn’t make a video, Ciara did. In the video, Ciara sang Body Party a cappella. Some people who don’t like her were clowning her and saying she sounded bad and she’s so washed up she has to sing in the bathroom…etc. So hours later, Melissa, Rih and some other chick posted a photo of them allegedly watching the video of Ci’s singing in the bathroom with smirks on their faces. That’s when Ciara and her stans got mad. It looked like shade to me. I would post the link on here but I know Amanda and them don’t play that lol. But yeah, it’s the picture that started it all.

  12. I really can’t stand females who feel the need to be catty. Ciara was minding her own damn business. And Rihanna came for her. I have to question how Rihanna’s fans can defend that. What kind of person are you stanning for? I haven’t seen a top female artist this petty, childish, nasty, and mean in a long time. She’s ridiculous. I can’t believe her fans find this “cute.”

    1. @truth
      no matter what Riri does her stans continuously make excuse’s for her,that is why i cannot stand Riri as she is truly ugly inside..

  13. Ugh. I can’t stand Rihanna. I really don’t like the person she’s become. Her arrogance is just so hard to believe sometimes.

  14. I lost respect for Rihanna after she cursed her own fan out just because they told her they were worried about her and didn’t want her to end up like Whitney. Then she sat back and watched her other fans bully her and send her death threats and said nothing. I was done with Rihanna after that. She really is a despicable and nasty human being.

    1. @Anonymous
      thats not the first fan Riri has disrespected.Riri also dissed another fan on twitter also when she said that she had lost all respect for Riri since she done b’day cake duet with chris brown, cus the girl was quite large Riri msg’d backed “neither is your avi #clapback”
      And what totally put me of her was when she referred to Kae as rickecakes, as surely Riri must have an Asian fan base also…

  15. Everybody commenting really needs to gtfoh with that hypocritical s#$t. The same one’s defending Ciara were the same ones shading, just putting Ciara down, clowning her singing, saying her career is over! So what’s the damn difference cause Rihanna does it. Nasty is nasty, period. The s##t that was said previously about Ciara was totally f@#ked up when the story broke yesterday. Funny as hell to most of y’all, now this. “Hypocrites please “! @team breezy, young mind, young heart, young a-s. Won’t be long before a clown like Chris drag your a-s.

    1. I don’t comment much, but I see you on here and you always take what’s said about Rihanna to heart. You’re on a blog, not a fan site for Rihanna. People will say what they want about her, as you do. Yet, you continuously make remarks and try to insult Team Breezy when you’re not much better. Team Breezy doesn’t even acknowledge you, but you can’t keep their name out of your mouth. So you’re a hypocrite yourself.

      Back on topic…People don’t have to like Ciara to say what’s real here. And what’s real is that Rihanna is a big star who lacks class. You don’t see big stars shading each other to this extinct and having their little friends bully people online. We only see that with Rih, and she is nasty for that. There’s a reason why Beyonce and others don’t do these things. Rihanna will pay for her actions like everyone else has to. Know that.

    2. Yep, I clowned Ciara’s singing yesterday…and?! She can’t sing! Her career is over but that doesn’t mean Rihanna has a right to be a classless bird and go there. But she damn sure is more mature and classy than Rihanna. I don’t see her throwing shade and having her broke a-s friends pick on people online either. Nor do I see Ciara curse her own fans out. F-ck Rihanna and her raggedy a-s friends. And I don’t care if your feelings are hurt either. You act nasty, people will talk about you. Period!

    3. @ f#$ktheh8ters,

      Womp, womp. Here’s a tissue for all that crying you’re doing. #YoureWelcome

    4. @f#$ktheh8ters
      excuse me but this is the first time i have passed any comments about Riri on this website,i’m just telling it as it is as her personality truly stinks lol

  16. Man, yall get carried away on here. LOL. But on topic, I think Rihanna gets a lot of negative reactions because she’s not a very positive person. When we hear about her, it’s usually not for good reasons. That’s something that she may need to work on as a person. She’s the one that loves to post nude pictures of herself on IG, of herself smoking, and she likes to shade other artists. So you can expect lots of people NOT to like her. That’s just how it’s going to be. Hell, people have things to say about positive folks, so expect it to be worst for someone like Rihanna. With that being said, she did start this whole situation with Ciara. I’m not a fan of either, but I don’t think that was cool. Rih needs to humble herself because the industry is a very fickle place. She could very well end up in Ciara’s shoes one day.

    1. But how’s Riri gonna be throwing shades at other artists, when Riri is not that talented either, as live she sounds really bad,and sorry but she has no rhythm,the only thing she has going for herself is her catchy songs and her sexualised image.

  17. Thanks for the tissue babe. Can’t /won’t take it to heart. I like them both so wtf ever. Point taken, people can comment, like or dislike. Thanks for clarifying you don’t have to like but can defend. For people to say they hate or can’t stand people they don’t know, lol, it seems they are taking their personal life a little more to heart then I am.

    1. I don’t like Rihanna like that, but I didn’t mean to offend you or anyone else who likes her. My apologies if I did offend, but I don’t like some of the things she does. We can all disagree though. I just like that on this site, at least we can all disagree without cursing each other out.

    2. @f#$ktheh8ters
      seems like your taking ppl views on Riri a lil to personal, after all i mean damn she doesn’t even know you let alone that you exist lol… karma is a great thing & i for one cannnot wait for Riri to get her’s as she is truly ugly inside

  18. i think they should settle this by rihanna given ciara a job she can be her open act like she did on GGGB UK leg tour or she can be a backup dancer. By the way Melissa is rihanna’s photographer she took most of the pic forthe unapologetic album. girl also have a college degree

    1. But wasn’t Melissa an industry h-e? So why is she even talking? She need to stay in her lane and keep taking pictures.

      This is why I don’t buy certain folks albums and such cause they disrespectful and not humble at all. There is NOTHING cute about being a bully. And that’s why Rih already received her karma in 2009 when Chris whooped that a–! She needs to mature up and act like a lady instead of a hood rat all the time.

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