Kandi Burruss Laughs off Rumors That She’s Jealous of NeNe Leakes

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Taren Vaughan

No major issues have come up between Kandi Burruss and NeNe Leakes thus far on this season of Real Housewives of Atlanta as the vast majority of the feuding on the show has been centered around Kenya Moore and a number of the other women on the show, Cynthia Bailey being the first one to get into it with Kenya, Phaedra Parks now being the former beauty queen’s arch enemy. Before the fifth season of the show aired though, it was rumored that Kandi Burruss and NeNe Leakes had come to blows on the show’s set. The rumor didn’t last long however as Kandi and NeNe promptly denied the claims of them fighting backstage. While there has been no beefing going on between Kandi and NeNe, this past Sunday’s episode of RHOA may have slightly changed that as the NeNe Leakes that most of us had grown used to showed her face again after she went off on the other housewives for showing up to a dinner party that she was having at her house 3 hours late.

NeNe spoke on that night, standing by her move of not letting them enter her home after showing up so late and had some words for Kandi after the fact, and spilled some tea about her cast mates too. Now Kandi is doing the same as she says that there is a lot of lying going on the show, urging Andy Cohen of Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live to break out a lie detector since some housewives seem to have a problem with being honest and keeping it real:

Before calling out some of her cast mates, Kandi responds to a follower of hers that accused her of being jealous of Nene and the success that she has been having with her career outside of RHOA, Kandi thinking the idea of her being jealous of NeNe is pretty laughable:



  1. Kandi may have more money than NeNe, but she still seems jealous to me. I think it’s because NeNe is a real actress now. Kandi can’t say that for herself and I doubt she ever believed things could take off for NeNe like they have. Kandi used to be the most successful housewife…not so much now.

    1. Agreed. Yes, Kandi net worth is better BUT NeNe’s taken her shine away when it comes to the most successful housewife. I think she’s salty about that because she’s always talking about what NeNe is doing.

    2. I agree. It’s not really about the money but having that label for being the most accomplished housewife. NeNe is giving Kandi a run for her money on that one now.

  2. Kandi has no reason to be jealous of NeNe. Her net worth is the combined net worth of all the ATL housewives past and present times 5. LOL.

  3. I have always liked Kandi until this season. She used to be humble and not talk about people ridiculously. She is too much anymore. Also, all she seems to talk about is sex(and not in generalities), the fact she paid for her house in cash(if I hear that one more time, I’ll scream) and I thought she was really rude at NeNe’s house asking for some food and later tslking about how NeNe could of let them in. I don’t even like NeNe and completely understood where she was coming from…..they were the guests of honor and she supposedly put a lot of planning into it and $$$$. That would of pissed me off, too. As a side note, I did notice when Kandi was talking about NeNe in the limo that Cynthia was sitting there not saying a thing. How long will it be before they have Cynthia telling NeNe what she said????? I’m just saying……

    1. Totally agree with most of your comment….kandi’s net worth exceeds NeNe’s…jealous of what????

      1. Roberta…..no, I never said she was jealous. I was just saying that my feelings have completely changed about her.

  4. What does money have to do with anything? I’ve witnessed broke people hating on one another, so money is not a factor here. Furthermore, by the time Todd gets finished with Kandi, she’s probably be broke, too!
    If Kandi is NOT jealous of NeNe’s success, then why all the ugly faces & snard remarks? Kandi thought she was going to be front & center on this show because of her past success. Sorry, but Bravo pays NeNe more because she’s the most popular wife of the franchise- sorry Kandi. Kandi Is rather boring and looks a sloppy mess. She should take some of that $ and hire a stylist ASAP. You were late, & you were denied entry, so leave & shut up!

  5. Kandi still have money because she scared to spend any of it, lol..what good is it if you don’t enjoy it, do your hair, buy something nice, I think she will when Todd get in her ear.

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