Chris Brown Blames Parking Valet for Parking Lot Incident

Photo Credit: @chrisbrown Twitter
Photo Credit: @chrisbrown Twitter

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

As we recently reported, Chris Brown made headlines earlier today for footage obtained by TMZ that shows the singer getting in the face of a parking lot attendant. The website claimed earlier that Chris was upset that he was being charged $10 for parking for allegedly only thirty minutes, and in the footage, you can see the singer visibly angry with the man and possibly making threats. In one part of the video, Chris can be heard telling the man “F-ck ten dollars,” while in the later moments of the video he tells him that he and his crew will “turn up the whole spot.” Regardless, many are slamming Chris because they feel he made an issue out of something minor, not to mention the story broke only a few hours after reports alleged that Chris had gotten into it with his own longtime bodyguard Big Pat.

Now TMZ is claiming that the singer is saying that the parking lot incident is not his fault. According to TMZ, Chris says the attendant was charging everyone else $5 dollars to park, but decided to charge him $10. Chris says he feels the valet was just trying to take advantage of him because he’s a celebrity.

Here’s the report according to TMZ:

Chris Brown says the reason he lost his temper and threatened a valet last night was because the guy tried to fleece him … TMZ has learned.

A source connected to Chris tells TMZ … the valet outside PINZ bowling alley in Studio City, CA — where Chris was attending a charity event — was supposed to charge $5 a pop … but when Chris tried to pick his car up, the valet tried to scam him by charging $10.

The source says other people who parked at PINZ last night were charged $5. Chris believes he was singled out because he’s famous.


        1. Hope so. She had no problem calling people nappy headed b-tches and trying admin so I hope she did…

      1. Not true. I love Chris but I do hold him responsible when I feel he was wrong. I wish he would take a little break, get some counseling, and go hard in the studio. He’s only hurting himself. I am rooting for him.

      1. He didn’t hire another person? He needs a good PR person ASAP. He’s not handling the bad press in the right way. Dude is playing with fire. He honestly acts like he can’t become irrelevant.

  1. Smh. So…and? That’s what parking attendants do! You still don’t get up in their face and make threats. Why is that so hard to understand? Why doesn’t he get that he just can’t do whatever he wants? This is like basic knowledge that an adult is supposed to know by now. I just don’t understand.

  2. Not a good look. Chris needs some people around him that will tell him about himself. These enablers will be his downfall.

  3. Just crazy. Parking valets are hustlers period. They try to scam everyone. Especially in a big city. They will try to get more money from a celeb. And the fact of the matter is, it was only $10! I pay more to park in ATL most of the times when I’m trying to go out. He was wild and it’s no excuse.

    1. You don’t need to defend him boo. No one does. He just needs to get himself together. That’s all it comes down to.

  4. In this situation, silence is golden unless it’s an apology. The fact that he didn’t take ownership only makes people think he still hasn’t grown.

  5. So this fool has court in a month and this is how he wants to act. Anybody with sense would get their ish together but not Chris. He is always claiming he’s a changed man then turns around and does or says some dumb ish. Talk is cheap. Chris needs to SHOW that he has learned from his mistakes and better himself because of it. It’s obvious that those anger management classes were bs and he hasn’t fallen hard yet to understand that he needs to evaluate his decision making. I think at this point jail is the only thing that will give him a reality check. The only thing he has owned up to is the fact he mollywhopped Rih’s ass and that’s only bcuz the public found out. I bet if Rih didn’t say ish, his ass would be walking around right now like ain’t ish happened. He won’t fully understand until ppl stop bailing him out and he suffers the full consequences of his actions. Some ppl gotta learn the hard way. Smh

  6. A hot mess! Anyone has Chris’ address so my broke a– can give him $10???

    There is no excuse at all for his behavior. Nothing is ever his fault (brawl with Drake, parking lot fight with Frank, beating down Rih)! I’m done with Chris Brown until he goes and get some professional help.

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