Chris Brown Gets into Altercation with Long Time Bodyguard Big Pat?

Photo Credit: @f*ckyopictures Instagram
Photo Credit: @f*ckyopictures Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Chris Brown should be on top of the world and in a happy place since he has the love of his life Rihanna back, however, it’s probably not easy when the R&B singer is constantly in the news for something negative. Although Chris says he’s gotten used to all the bad press he gets as a result of assaulting Rihanna in 2009, it’s obviously damaging enough to cause him to walk away from his Twitter and Instagram accounts. However, dumping the social networks just won’t be enough to stop all the speculation Chris receives on a daily basis regarding his career and personal life.

Chris Brown may be no stranger to beefs and may have even recently patched things up with once rival rapper Meek Mill (both ended their beef and shook hands in the club during CIAA weekend), but now reports are claiming that he may be at odds with his long time bodyguard Big Pat. According to reports, Chris got into with Big Pat so bad on Wednesday while he was traveling that he left the longtime bodyguard in Bermuda.

Here’s the report according to the Bermuda Sun:

Brown arrived in Bermuda at 1:30pm today on board a private plane, which stopped here to re-fuel.

But the Bermuda Sun has been told — though we have no formal confirmation — that there was an altercation on board with bodyguard Big Pat.

An airport worker, and trusted source, told us: “I’m not sure of the details of what happened on the plane but his plane came in, got serviced and everything was finishing and they were getting ready to leave.

“Then there was a stall. The security guard got off first. He was standing outside talking to the pilot. Then Chris Brown and another guy came off.”

Our source continued: “They had to come inside to Customs. They then went outside to have a cigarette. The security guard came inside [an airport building] and said he wasn’t getting back on the plane.”

The airport worker said the man told him he had gotten into an altercation with Brown.

“Chris went back through Customs and the plane left at about 2:20pm.”

Our source said Big Pat made arrangements to leave on Jet Blue’s afternoon flight to JFK and saw him getting on the plane.


Big Pat and Chris have been close for years, and Pat is even the same bodyguard that took a bottle to the head for Chris during his club brawl with Drake.


In related news, TMZ is reporting that Chris Brown got into it with a parking valet Wednesday night. According to the website, Chris wasn’t too happy that he was told by the attendant that he owed $10 because he was only there for 10 minutes. The site obtained footage of Chris getting in the attendant’s face and telling him he and his crew will “turn this whole thing on out.”

Watch the video below:


    1. That’s it. I’m deleting every song that is attached to his name as well as any song that he is featured on. He’s upsetting me too much nowadays.

  1. More proof that he brings all the negativity on himself. I don’t know about the bodyguard thing, but he shouldn’t have done all of that to the parking valet. It wasn’t that serious. Dude has $10. Smh.

  2. Wow he got in the parking attendant’s face and said “F-ck ten dollars.” Umm, are so Chris’ fans going to keep acting like this child doesn’t have some serious anger issues?

    1. THIS. And it’s not just him, Rihanna looks like she’s on something too. Something more than weed.

    1. Of course he’s spiraling out of control, he’s with Rihanna again. That’s a toxic relationship that hurts them both.

      1. Um no! You can’t blame Rihanna for how Chris acts! He’s a grown man. Let’s not blame a woman for what a man CHOOSES to do.

        1. Calm down stan. That’s not what I said. What I said was they are both TOXIC to each other because they both have anger issues. That means they aren’t helping each other learn how to improve with their issues. There’s supposed to be a balance in relationships. They don’t have a balance.

          1. You people are so jealous and intimated of Chris and Rih’s relationship! Most of you wish you had a love like theirs! That’s what this is really about. Go worry about your own love lives or lack thereof!!!

        2. Dear Navy, you and all the people you pull the jealousy card every single time you don’t agree with the true…..I’ve been with my husband for 11 yrs, we share everything, from house chores to what we’re feelling.We argue like everybody, but we work things out through communication =talking.He never raised is hand to beat me,never cheated on me.We have a beautifull daughter and an amanzing relationship.When you love someone, you always want them to be happy.So I DON’T FEEL JEALOUSY about them or their relationship. In fact I feel sorry for both of them, cuz they’re struggling throughout life,I’m not talking about money or fame,but what is important like love,self esteem, emotional stability.Anyone with a brain isn’t jealous of a toxic relationship……

      2. I gotta disagree Kay. No matter who he is with, he has these issues. He was with Kae, but was stealing phones and fighting Drake in the club. He needs counseling period.

    1. Can’t defend it but I think he’s worst when he’s dating Rihanna. Two hotheads…not a good match. Just being honest.

  3. Yu haters need to get off my boo’s nuts. He ain’t on no Molly and y’all just harassing him. #TeamBreezy

  4. Navy, girl I can assure you no one is jealous of Chrihanna on here. Most of us are grown as hell with real careers, marriages/relationships. I think you’re letting your fandom get in the way of your logic. Step back and look at this from a real perspective. You know damn well Chris is a hothead and their relationship isn’t as cute as you wish it was.

  5. He make it so hard to try to defend him. I actually like Chris but his management or family need to get him some help. I honestly think the fight with Rihanna affected him more than Rihanna. People still hate him like this ish happened yesterday. I don’t care what anybody says all these years of people still punishing him after fight has taken a toll on him and it’s showing more and more in the present. This would affect anybody somebody please get breezy some help.

  6. look at all these haters Im not even a fan of chris browns music but he is a young man trying to live and learn and these bummy haters that obviously have no life believe every lie the media spreads about him and are so eager to try to tear him down. Ignore the haters Chris Brown. Haters only hate on succusseful people.

    1. He’s clearly in the video displaying his anger, so how is this hating on him? He needs to be more careful of the things he’s doing and saying because he knows he’s under the microscope and the media is watching him like a hawk. Chris continues to do the wrong things and make himself look bad. I can’t even blame the media with regards to Chris Brown because he makes it very easy for them to do their job and tear him down. Chris needs to go and get some serious help before it’s too late.

  7. You can really tell who’s young and still hasn’t grasped how to contribute to a discussion on here. For example, they call everyone who disagrees with them haters, blame the media for when their fave messes up, oh and everything is a LIE even though there is video of ya boy getting in the parking attendant’s face. Truth hurts so bad they rather ignore it and talk about the imaginary haters they wish their fave had. Oh, shout out to Drake tho. LOL!!!!

  8. Okay Amanda/Taren/Admin, this is getting a little ridiculous. Now I know we can’t send personal attacks to anyone on here, but why is it acceptable for Gloria to call people on here bums because she doesn’t agree with what we say? I’m just saying, can we be fair and not allow any comments that are personal attacks (even if profanity is not used)? We should all be able to make comments without people making insults. Gloria is a Chris Brown stan and she’s already cursed people out on here over Chris. It’s childish. Please stop allowing her to call people bums. I don’t think that should be posted. That’s immature and this site is better than that. I love it here, I just had to vent. She’s been doing this for a while now and I’m tired of it. No one else does that on here.

    1. Ignore the trolls boo. Let admin handle it. That’s what I do. It’s sad that we can’t always have a discussion here without some people getting out of hand and being childish. I feel you.

    2. @ Queen,

      Thank you for being a longtime reader. We appreciate you and we hear you. We will get better. We just want to keep this blog comfortable enough for people to feel like they can express themselves and still be respectful to one another. Not everyone will agree, but everyone should be respectful.

      Let’s not use personal attacks. We can agree to disagree without insults, so let’s do that.


  9. Can’t we all just get along?! Lol. Nah but I like this blog because people on here can usually disagree without being childish. I’d like to keep it that way too.

  10. I like how the “admin” on here lets Queen talk about “personal attacks” when my comments werent even directed to anyone and I didnt curse anyone out. This site is supposed to be a place “for people to feel like they can express themselves ” yea right…

      1. LOL. Girl you guys are doing a good job. I love the site! Pay no attention to that. But can we get another post please?

    1. It’s interesting how you actually left out the “and respect each other part” Gloria. The full statement was:

      “We just want to keep this blog comfortable enough for people to feel like they can express themselves and still be respectful to one another.”

      Smh. Thanks for the reply Amanda.

  11. Gloria, girl you’re very rude to people on here. And now you’re trying to shade the site. FYI personal attacks don’t always mean cursing someone out. You’re calling people bums because they don’t like Chris Brown? Seriously, yeah, that’s a childish and personal attack. That’s not even a term to play with when so many people are out on the streets because of the recession. And I have seen someone with your name on here calling someone a nappy head b-tch, actually I think it was Barbee. Admin deleted it though but people saw it. That’s what Queen is talking about.

    You should calm down. It’s not that serious where you need to go there with people on the internet.

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