Former Destiny’s Child Member LaTavia Roberson Pregnant, Releasing Tell-All

Photo Credit: iamlatavia Instagram
Photo Credit: iamlatavia Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

We’re pretty sure you all remember how nasty the split was for the first two former members of Destiny’s Child, LaTavia Roberson and LeToya Luckett. Although LeToya and LaTavia has recently patched things up with Beyonce and Mathew Knowles, and even had great things to say on the former group’s Super Bowl performance; it appears that LaTavia is still planning on going forward with her plans of releasing a tell-all book on the split of the successful girl group. And if that’s not enough news for LaTavia, she also confirmed that she is three months pregnant (she’s ironically expecting her baby on Beyonce’s birthday September 4), and also has a reality show on the way.

LaTavia’s reality show is set to cover her pregnancy and personal struggles which includes overcoming molestation.

The statement released regarding LaTavia’s new show states:

Production plans include developing a reality show documenting Latavia’s pregnancy, the ups and downs of her relationship with her child’s father and her past battle with molestation, alcoholism and jail time. Her struggles to distance herself from the negativity surrounding her untimely departure from Destiny’s Child, still follow her, but LaTavia is determined to clear the air once and for all. Future plans also include returning to the studio to showcase her voice for the first time as a solo artist and the final release of her highly anticipated “tell all” memoir due later this year!


LaTavia won’t confirm as of yet who the baby’s father is, but her reps are just saying that he’s a well know producer in Atlanta. There’s no word yet on which network has picked up the show, so it sounds like she might still be in the process of shopping it around.


  1. Sigh…I guess. I’m so tired of reality shows. I want more black people to make scripted shows. We need more Scandals and less Love and Hip Hops. IJS.

  2. It looks like everyone has moved on to bigger and better things except LaTavia. Hence, this reality show and “tell-all” she’s been talking about since she left the group.

  3. Why does everyone feel they need a reality show? Have people become that arrogant and self-entitled? I mean damn.

  4. An Atlanta producer? So her BD must be broke with no job because all the dudes in ATL say they are producers. LOL,

  5. She must be broke. She’s been off the scene for a long time. I don’t think the interest for her or her book is there anymore. Oh well, make that money how you can I guess.

  6. I’m starting to think she really couldn’t sing. Even LeToya went on to make music, what has this chick been doing since Destiny’s Child? And even now she’s still trying to make some money from something that ended many years ago. IJS.

  7. I wish chicks would stop doing these damn duck faces in their photos. It looks stupid. And she has a big glob of lip gloss on her bottom lip that’s distracting me from this post. Ugh.

  8. The last time I saw this chick she was on the first season Phadera came on to RHOA and she was one of Phadera’s clients that just got out of rehab. So yeah she’s broke and need some money especially with a baby on the way!

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