Chris Brown Says F-ck Drake to Club Crowd, Frustrates Ghana Fans at Recent Performance

Photo Credit: Eva Rinaldi
Photo Credit: Eva Rinaldi

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

And the Chris Brown news continues. As we recently reported, the R&B singer has made headlines in the last 24 hours for two separate controversies. First it was reported that he got into an altercation with his longtime bodyguard Big Pat, and then TMZ exclusively obtained footage of the star getting into it with a parking attendant over $10. Although Chris’ camp claims he was upset with the parking valet for overcharging him when everyone else was allegedly only paying $5, many people are still criticizing the singer because he got up in the man’s face over something so minuscule. To make matters worse, the singer’s nemesis rapper Drake released a freestyle on Thursday in which he took shots at Chris Brown, and even hinted that he was still messing around with his girlfriend Rihanna.

Chris hasn’t officially responded to the diss, but E Online is reporting that Wednesday night, Chris made it clear to a club crowd in Studio City, California that he still has beef with the rapper. In fact, it’s being reported that Chris got irritated when the DJ started playing Drake’s latest hit “Started from the Bottom,” so he grabbed the microphone, and hopped on the stage and proceeded to tell the DJ and crowd:

“The DJ can play this s–t, but I want you all to know, F–k Drake!”


The singer than proceeded to give everyone in the club the middle finger, according to the report. The site also claims that the singer then gave a mini concert, which included a freestyle rap, and a performance of five of his recent singles.

Interesting enough, Twitter went crazy yesterday when the DJ from that night got on Twitter and suggested that she actually played Drake’s song to annoy the singer because she thought he acted sexist towards her, DJ Kayper tweets (read from the bottom up):

chris brown dj tweet


Sounds like Chris gave the DJ the reaction she wanted.


In related news, Chris Brown is also under fire for his recent performance in Ghana because the singer proceeded to smoke weed during his performance, and told the crowd that if people don’t like that you smoke weed, “f*ck them.”  The singer was paid $1 million for the show and people aren’t too happy that he had no problems doing something on stage that would have landed most people in jail. Here’s the report from Ghana Celebrities:

His performance at the concert was amazing; he brought his usual electrifying stage craft and energy to Ghana. He performed several of his hit songs with patrons singing along.

His great performance which lasted over an hour was characterized with vulgar language which Ghanaians are not used to…

Instead of promoting the rLG or throwing in a word or two about the brand, he decided to take the piss again by promoting the use of marijuana when he knows or ought to know this is an illegal substance in many countries including Ghana.

Whiles performing one of his songs, he happily asked if there were weed smokers in Ghana and proceeded to say “if anybody’s tripping on you smoking weed, fuck them”.

He pulled out a rolled ‘joint’ and smoked it live on stage… No Ghanaian entertainer dare do this openly in Ghana and go free. The police would have been on him or the crowd would consider it extensively offensive. However, Chris Brown came, did it and flew away!


  1. Chris just doesn’t care anymore. That’s what it all comes down to. He’ll see later that he’s only hurting himself. But then it will be too late.

    1. Yeah I think he expects his fan base to keep him relevant but they aren’t even buying enough of his albums. He really needs to humble himself. Like now. He’ll be a has been in no time at this rate.

    1. Exactly. He wouldn’t flop if he calmed down some. He’s made himself out to be one of the most hated people in the country. And for what? After he hit Rihanna, all he had to do was play it smart. He didn’t and he’s still paying for it.

  2. But the DJ is a woman…how is that sexist? I think she just didn’t like Chris to begin with. Smh.

    1. It was sexist. She’s a DJ, not a “woman DJ.” He wouldn’t have called a male DJ “Man DJ” so that was inappropriate.

  3. This whole post made me laugh. From the DJ outsmarting Chris and his priceless reaction, him smoking the blunt on stage and not giving a damn in GHANA out of all places, and then just the continuous confirmations that Chris is surrounded by so many yes men that he can’t even decipher when he’s in the wrong anymore. And that’s the real problem, everyone in his life is an enabler. Rihanna too. Man, this won’t end well. I hate to see him go down like this.

      1. By taking him back when he hasn’t really changed. Karrueche was an enabler as well. She allowed him to do what he wanted and just accepted it.

    1. A lot of his fans are enablers too. They don’t hold him responsible for his behavior and instead blame the media when the media is just covering what he’s chosen to do.

  4. I’m still Team Breezy. Yeah, I know he’s wildin,’ but it should be about the music not his behavior in real life.

    1. Me too…countdown has begin…mark my words sometime from now, we all will be here comment about it…cuz if he continues in this spiral, thats what will happen…and Rihanna will not have my simpathy……they both need therapy and have real people to make them come to their senses and not enablers..And for the fans just cuz you’re a fan of some celeb, doesn’t mean you’ve to agree 100% on all that they do…for eg I’m a huge Beyonce fan, but I rather she didn’t use real fur or animal skin…….

  5. I really think black people should be more supportive of Chris than they are. I mean yall can’t see what’s going on here. Chris has become the white media’s punching bag and you guys are falling right in line with their agenda. Smh.

    1. Nah son. We don’t have to support someone just because they are black. Especially when said person is actually an embarrassment to black people and continues to behave like a stereotype that’s hurtful to black men. Chris Brown is a thug and he enjoys being such. We should support people who make black people look like geniuses, and the king and queens we came from. How did we go from building pyramids to defending dumb a-s black men who can’t even control their tempers and beat the snot out of their girlfriends? Nice try though.

  6. I was really rooting for Chris to be accepted again, but with him continuing to act like a fool, I don’t care what happens to him anymore. He needs to surround himself with REAL people who will tell him the truth about himself. I’ll just hold on to the memories of the 16 year old Chris who was humble and respectful!

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