Rapper Jim Jones Says Current Reality Stars Are ‘Selling Their Souls’

chrissy and mr jones first episode
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Reality television is still a favorite among TV lovers, but it’s mostly known for bringing a lot of foolishness to the small screen. Rapper Jim Jones knows that best considering he and his fiancée Chrissy Lampkin were the original stars of Love and Hip Hop. Although the couple were easily fan favorites for two seasons, they left the show shortly after season two, and they claim it was due to Mona Scott Young portraying them in what they perceived to be a negative light. Chrissy even claimed she felt like Mona purposely placed around situations and people she knew would bring out a violent side to her, and she believed she could no longer be on the show. As a result, the couple landed their own reality show Chrissy and Mr. Jones.

The couple feels their show now is a true reflection of who they really are and their relationship, and now Jim Jones is saying that he feels most of the people doing reality television these days are just selling their souls. He even says most shows now are nothing but “blaxploitation.”

He tells Jenny Boom Boom:

“When we started this, it wasn’t really about that [shock value]. It was about giving people a taste of what it is to be involved with a person like myself and a person like myself giving you a taste of what it is to see me not just in front of the camera but behind the camera and just seeing regular life and going through the same things that everybody else goes through. What we have here is nothing but a new ‘Flavor of Love.’ It’s just a bunch of Flavor Flav’s on tv and a bunch of New York. So I’m not really into that, it’s comical I guess, it’s good for a laugh but I ain’t really into that. I don’t like people laughing at me, I like people laughing with me. You know what I mean? … We not pressed to do reality tv. Although it is a great business move as far as marketing and promotions — we’re not gonna compromise who we are just for a shot at the big screen. It doesn’t make sense, it doesn’t add up. … These people are selling their souls for peanuts and it hurts my soul because it’s kind of like blaxploitation in a way, but, that’s another story.”


    1. LOL exactly. Chrissy was basically the stereotypical black woman BEGGING a man to marry her. They already think black women are pressed to find men. Then when he did propose, she didn’t know if she wanted to get married anymore. LOL.

  1. Well maybe we just need more black scripted shows. That would create more competition for ratings and force a lot of shows to calm down on the f-ckery.

    1. But why do the shows have to be black? There’s great shows out here that don’t have leading black characters. Does that mean we can’t watch those shows? That’s like a white person saying they can’t watch Scandal because Olivia Pope is a black woman. IJS.

  2. I AGREE…..I am so sick of these dumb reality shows…….especially dumbness! They give THE GOOD people a bad name

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