Chris Brown Gives Controversial Relationship Advice

Photo Credit: @chrisbrown Twitter
Photo Credit: @chrisbrown Twitter

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Chris Brown has managed to get Rihanna’s forgiveness for assaulting her in 2009, and now the two singers are back together, making them one of today’s most controversial celebrity couples. Although Chris says that they are happy and in a good place, the “Let The Blunt Go” singer continues to attract a ton of bad press pretty much on daily basis. In the last couple of days, reports have suggested that the singer got into an altercation with his longtime bodyguard Big Pat in Bermuda, had a nasty confrontation with a parking lot valet, and he’s even been rumored to have made his feelings about Drake known recently to a crowd at a California nightclub.

We can’t say we’re shocked that Chris Brown still isn’t fond of Drake, especially since Drake just released a freestyle entitled “5 AM in Toronto” in which he takes shots at Chris and Rihanna with absolutely no remorse. So it’s not a shocker that the singer allegedly ranted in a nightclub the other night after the DJ decided to play Drake’s latest hit “Started from the Bottom,” in which reports claim the singer yelled to the crowd, “F*ck Drake!”

Now it’s being reported that Chris Brown might have had another interesting outburst in the club the other night. According to TMZ, the singer decided to give some pretty interesting relationship advice while he was on the stage. Chris decided to tell the fellas just how they can keep their woman from straying.

Here’s what the website claims he said:

“You GOTTA say that one thing to her … Don’t make me have to tell you again, that’s my p*ssy baby! … so you better not give it away!

“So every person in this motherf*cking building, if you got a bad bitch you better say that sh*t to her, or she might f*ck another n*gga.”


The timing of these quotes is interesting considering Drake just hinted in his new freestyle that he’s still creeping with Rihanna when Chris isn’t around.

Any who, check out the video of Chris giving his interesting relationship advice below:


  1. Why do ppl pick apart everything this guy does? Just let Chris be Chris..
    & that ain’t bad advice (; kinda sexy in the right situation.

    1. Exactly! He sounds sexist and still controlling and violent! It’s obvious that he has not changed at all!

  2. I swear in Breezy’s other life be was a rapper. He probably should have chosen his words more carefully…

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