Justin Timberlake Shades Kanye for ‘Suit and Tie’ Diss

Photo Credit: Joe Shlabotnik, Shahril Affandi Radzali
Photo Credit: Joe Shlabotnik, Shahril Affandi Radzali

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

As we all know by now thanks to several rants and onstage antics, Kanye West is not afraid to speak his mind. And the topic doesn’t matter when it comes to the rapper, considering that he’s made very controversial comments on politics, music, and even some of his own friends. As we recently reported, the rapper ranted on stage and took shots at Justin Timberlake’s latest hit “Suit and Tie” that features rapper Jay-Z, and he made it clear that he just wasn’t a fan of the song. Kanye followed up with a diss of President Obama and as well as some subtle shots at Beyonce for inking her multimillion dollar deal with Pepsi.

Kanye’s rants have stretched out for the last week since then, as the rapper recently slammed MTV’s controversial Hottest MCs List. He wasn’t happy to learn that he had landed the number seven spot (Kendrick Lamar topped the list), and he even blamed his relationship with Kim Kardashian as the reason that he didn’t receive a higher rank.

While some of Kanye’s peers appreciate his eccentric forms of frankness, it appears that some people are just annoyed. Welp, Justin Timberlake can now officially be added to that list.

Although Jay-Z and Beyonce haven’t responded to Kanye’s shots, Justin did. The singer made another appearance on Saturday Night Live, and in the middle of his performance of “Suit and Tie,” he switched the lyrics around to shade Kanye.

Here’s the report according to Billboard:

“…Accompanied by backing band the Tennessee Kids, JT rolled through lead “The 20/20 Experience” single “Suit and Tie,” a surprisingly filled-out rendition (at least, compared to its studio version) that featured Jay-Z on the rap, surprising no one. It was, understandably, a suit-and-tie affair from Timberlake to the backing dancers, and JT is a master showman, strutting about the stage with Hova in tow. By the way: the lyric “sh*t so sick / Got a hit and picked up a habit” was changed slightly to “My hits so sick / Got rappers acting dramatic.” Kanye diss, mayhaps? You be the judge.”


Check out the performance and obvious shots fired below:


  1. LOL I saw this last night. Oh yes, that was some shade for Kanye. Justin also made it a point to make sure people noticed it too. Love me some JT!

    1. LOL exactly. It’s crazy how Kanye turned out when you consider that he’s the same one that made Jesus Walks and that whole classic College Dropout album.

  2. LOL that’s what Kanye gets. He acts just like a female. All of a sudden Jay-z makes a song with someone else you trippin. Straight b-tch move

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