Rashidah Says Raqi Thunda Slept Her Way to the Top

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Taren Vaughan

Love & Hip Hop Season 3 has had its wild moments this time around, though not nearly as many as its spinoff Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, despite the show seeing a drop in viewership. Exes Joe Budden and Tahiry have kept things interesting with their weird relationship that they have going on with each other, Joe and Tahiry clearly not being officially over each other despite Joe being in a relationship with Kaylin. And while Yandy and her man Mandeecees have been enjoying parenthood with the birth of their baby boy earlier in the season, they too have had their drama-filled moments, some serious things going on surrounding the couple off the set of the show too. Erica Mena returned for another season of the show and has had her issues with some of the other women on the show. But there is one newbie to the show who can’t seem to get along with quite a few people.

In a sneak peek clip of Episode 9 of the show, Jen the Pen, Tahiry and Rashidah chat it up at a bar about some of the projects and other things that they each have going on. And they get to talking about the one person that all three of them can’t stand with a passion, Raqi Thunda. Rashidah tells Jen and Tahiry about an upcoming dinner event that she will be attending that is supposed to be for “Top, key women in the industry” and those who are in charge of it are very selective with who they invite. And they all get a kick out of the fact that Raqi Thunda’s name ended up on the list, Rashidah saying that she is confused as to how and said that Raqi had to have slept with somebody to make that happen. And after Jen the Pen lets Rashidah know that Raqi was talking greasy about her and called her a thief, Rashidah had a message for Raqi:

“Raqi is like a crab at the bottom of the barrel. She’s tryna pull everyone else around her so she can get to the top. It’s just a matter of time before somebody checks that b*tch. And it might have to be me.”

Check out the sneak peek of Episode 9 of Love & Hip Hop:


  1. I’m not taking up for Raqi, but isn’t anyone tired of the sexist double standards? So IF Raqi slept her way to the top (and that’s trampy), can’t we say the guys who obliged are pretty trampy too for requiring a chick to sleep with them to get on? I’m so tired of women getting blasted when they aren’t sleeping with themselves.

  2. I refuse to believe anything Ronald Mcdonald says until she changes that awful color in her head. Anybody that walks around and thinks that’s cute is clearly out of their mind.

  3. What bothers me is how this woman can claim to be one of the “Top Key Women” in the music industry – what does she do exactly and why did she have to confront Raqi at this “exclusive” event? These women need to have several seats – no one is checking for these birds. Who would take this woman seriously enough to do business with her hair this color? All these shade and drama isn’t even exciting. Mona has a real dud on her hands this season. Just cancel this mess already. We need to start a petition to get Love & Hip Hop ANYTHING taken off the air like they shut down that Shorty Low debatacle. We need quality television…

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