Post Deion Sanders Custody Win, Pilar & Tracey Edmonds Throw Jabs on Twitter

Photo Credit: @pilarsanders Twitter
Photo Credit: @pilarsanders Twitter

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

We really can’t think of a better word to describe the end of Deion and Pilar Sanders’ marriage besides messy. The former couple was at one time seemingly very happy together, and even made marriage look good on reality television. But somewhere down the line they had some problems and found themselves another statistic in the surging epidemic that is the divorce rate in this country. And nowadays, when a marriage ends on a pretty nasty note, you can surely expect the custody battle to follow to be even nastier. And in the case of Pilar and Deion, the accusations both were throwing at each other to “prove” that the other wasn’t fit enough to be a parent is just a sad reminder at how low people can allow their own anger to take them.

During the custody trial, things were emotional for both Deion and Pilar, and Pilar even accused the former football player of being on steroids. Deion had his own claims about his former wife, and it’s being reported he told the jurors that Pilar is a combative woman who tells many lies to the media.

Deion ended up winning big in the custody case, as it has been confirmed that he was awarded full custody of the former couple’s two sons and will have the right to determine where they will live, and joint custody of their daughter.

Pilar of course is not happy with the jury’s decision, and it’s been confirmed that she plans to appeal. However, Deion’s current girlfriend Tracey Edmonds (the ex-wife of Babyface and almost second wife of Eddie Murphy) made her happiness known on her Twitter account. And the shade thrown between the two ladies is blatant.

Tracey Edmonds throws some shade and calls Pilar a cyber bully who makes up lies to send to the media about her boo Deion (read from the bottom up):

tracey edmonds twitter 2

tracey edmonds twitter


Pilar shades and uses a retweet to make it clear that she believes the rumors about Tracey being a “beard” and bouncing from celeb to celeb:

pilar sanders twitter


So messy.


  1. Wait a minute… Did Pilar just slander Deion by saying he has Beards? I beards weren’t really dating anyone?


  2. I don’t like Tracey. She’s always linked to men right after they divorce…says a lot about her character or lack thereof.

  3. Both of them look stupid. And Tracey needs to be careful Deion is not an angel. That’s why he married Pilar’s messy behind.

  4. Umm Tracey needs to sit her thirsty a-s down somewhere. She doesn’t know what happened in that marriage! I’m pretty sure both Deion and Pilar did things to each other that were wrong. Mind your business Tracey and stop believing everything you’re told.

  5. When will women learn? Fine you’re dating his EX… but what him and her got going on aint got nothing to do with you TRACEY. Shut up and have a seat.

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