Nick Cannon Causes Controversy for Tweeting About Spanking His Kids

Photo Credit: @nickcannon Instagram
Photo Credit: @nickcannon Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Nick Cannon may be Mariah Carey’s husband and a business man in his own right, but lately he’s been making headlines for being a little “too real” in his interviews. This is probably a shocker to people since many figured Mariah would be able to keep him in check, however, Nick keeps on saying what he feels like in his interviews and doesn’t seem to care that it rubs a lot of people the wrong way. In some cases, Nick is just a victim of “TMI,” and even admitted in an interview with Howard Stern that Mariah made him wait until marriage before she would sleep with him. And when it comes to his Twitter antics, he also made Mariah’s fans furious when he appeared a little too enthusiastic about Beyonce’s very sexy GQ cover. But now Nick is making headlines again because he keeps suggesting in interviews that he does plan to spank his children. And in today’s society, spanking is a big no-no. However, Nick doesn’t really care how his comments make people feel and he refuses to backtrack from his views.

In fact, he even took to his Twitter account to make it clear after he received backlash that he’s still spanking his kids, but he also feels that most of society is so screwed up because kids aren’t getting spanked.

He tweets (read from the bottom up):

Nick Cannon twitter


Despite getting slammed in his mentions and even talked about on numerous websites for his views, Nick Cannon is still standing by his comments and feels spanking is the best way to ensure he raises good children.


  1. Children need structure and discipline. With that being said, there is a VERY fine line between discipline and abuse.

  2. We need to stop abusing our children period. Numerous studies show that whipping a child does not improve their behavior.

  3. Are we sure that Mimi is going to allow Nick to spank the twins? We all know who wears the pants in that relationship.

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