Chris Brown Joins Sean Kingston & Wiz Khalifa on ‘Beat It’ Single

Photo Credit: @chrisbrown Twitter
Photo Credit: @chrisbrown Twitter

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

It’s been an eventful couple of weeks for R&B singer Chris Brown. Lately, Chris has made headlines more so for his personal life than his music. As it’s been confirmed on several occasions, the singer rekindled his romance with Rihanna. Now that the singers are back together and officially a couple, the speculation has only intensified regarding their personal lives. Chris also continues to have some troubles in the public eye. He reportedly got into an altercation with his longtime bodyguard Big Pat, recently had a confrontation with a parking valet over a $10 charge, got dissed by Drake on wax, and he’s currently being investigated by the police in Ghana for allegedly smoking “herb” on stage during his performance. Then of course there are the rumors that he’s been a little too flirty in clubs considering that he does have a girlfriend. Regardless, Chris says he’s not letting negative press hinder him any.

Chris is still making music and putting in a lot of time to the recording studio, and just a couple of weeks after he dropped his rap track “Let The Blunt Go” (the track is on DJ Funkmaster Flex’s upcoming mix tape), he also has a new feature on Sean Kingston’s new song “Beat It.” The single was premiered by the LA Leakers the other day.

The single also features rapper Wiz Khalifa, and on the track, Chris is singing a couple of verses and the chorus; and the song does have a summer feel to it. Of course some people are questioning if he should have agreed to be on the song considering its title, but it could still have potential to become a summertime hit. The song will be featured on Sean Kingston’s upcoming album Back 2 Life.

Check out Sean Kingston’s single “Beat It” (featuring Chris Brown and Wiz Khalifa) below and let us know what you think.

beat it single


  1. Men get on my nerves with all this “I’ma beat it up” crap and half of them aren’t even all that great. Please stop.

  2. LOL. The song is dumb sorry. He’s singing about how he’s better than her man because he’s fly and can “beat it up.” It’s hilarious that some of these “men” brag about crushing a woman’s pelvis, but almost 95% of them can’t even give a woman an orgasm. A recent study just proved that a lot of women are not satisfied with their sex lives. Yet all these men will tell you they know how to “beat it up.” That doesn’t equal pleasure. And then to top it off, there’s some dumb chick singing in the background “Beat it up!!!!” Lame.

  3. This song goes hard! Got it on repeat. funny how this is suppose to be Sean’s song but Chris makes,it, lol

    Breezy got several hits in the making now, his song with Fabolus ‘REady’, with Afrojack, ‘As your friend’ and his own first single, ‘Fine China’ he just shot the video for. and he got his dance movie coming out in Sept
    He taking over this summer with his new album, ‘X’

    Ain’t nothing wrong with him singing ‘beat it’, Rihanna , Sean and Breezy been in the studio 2 mths ago and she cook with Sean, both from the Caribbean, let these folks live only the media holding on to some 4 year ish, it’s not even the same meaning.

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