Joe Budden Wishes Tahiry & Kaylin Didn’t Fight on TV

Photo Credit: @joebudden Instagram
Photo Credit: @joebudden Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Rapper Joe Budden is learning very fast that reality television isn’t the place for people who tend to regret things they do in front of the cameras. Since making his debut on season three of Love and Hip Hop, his relationship with Kaylin and friendship with Tahiry has pretty much been nothing but drama. And it doesn’t help things any when it’s rumored that on-screen situations have been hard for Kaylin to deal with, so much so that people who attended the reunion show are claiming that the couple announced their breakup during filming. Of course Joe and Kaylin are at least still acting like a couple on their Instagram accounts, but people are still suggesting it’s over between them and he is working on rebuilding his relationship with Tahiry. It’s also speculated that Joe and Kaylin’s couple like behavior on Instagram is just a ploy to keep people guessing and tuned in to the reunion.

Joe isn’t really the kind of person to regret anything he does, but he did admit in a recent interview that the one thing he wished didn’t happen with his “love triangle” with Kaylin and Tahiry is that altercation they had on the show.

He tells

“Are there moments that I would have wanted to go differently? Certainly. I wish that Kaylin and Tahiry wouldn’t have ended up scrapping on TV. But the reality is I did all I could to control what I could in that situation to try to make it go a different way and it didn’t. I controlled what I could and that’s me. I’m powerless over what they do.”


Joe Budden also made it a point to suggest that all the drama that’s going down with him, Tahiry, and Kaylin is real and not scripted:

“What you see is what it is. “Everything that happened as far as story line on the show was stuff that I was really going through. Did I foresee getting involved in addiction? No. But that was something I was going through at the time. Did I foresee me being in some type of love triangle with two women? No. That’s what was happening in realtime so it would be hard to foresee it.”


  1. I honestly think Mona wanted to make Joe/Kaylin/Tahiry into a bootleg Stevie J./Joseline/Mimi. Anything for ratings and the season still flopped in the end. Hilarity.

  2. Yeah he can’t control what they do on TV, but they both looked stupid during that scene. I’m still confused by why Kaylin even went through with everything.

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