Future Says Ciara’s Upcoming Album ‘One Woman Army’ is a Classic

Photo Credit: The Fader/YouTube
Photo Credit: The Fader/YouTube

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

R&B singer Ciara is working on her comeback, and fresh from declaring that her past which consists of low album sales isn’t enough to make her give up, she’s getting back to her musical roots and just dropped sultry R&B track “Body Party.”  Rihanna may not be a fan, but Ciara’s new single is already doing well in sales on iTunes. And with a new romance with up and coming rapper Future, Ciara says she’s pretty happy these days. The album is expected to drop this summer, and now that she’s teamed up with LA Reid, it’s clear that the singer is pulling all the stops to make sure she gets another hit album.

In a recent interview with TheFader.com, her boo Future says that he feels confident enough to call the upcoming album a classic. He also says in his opinion, his girlfriend is a true superstar:

“Yeah, for sure. It’s great because I just take the role of just playing beside her and just letting her run it the way she run it. Because she know what she want. You know what I’m saying? So it’s easy working with a superstar who’s done it over and over and over several times, making hits. So outside our relationship, when we in the studio we just go freelance and just let her do whatever she do. As an artist I’m there to critique what she got going on…That’s why One Woman Army gonna be one of the greatest albums she’s released. Cause she took her time with it. She overcame a lot…I’m already calling it a classic before it even come out.”


The support Future is displaying for Ciara is exceeding the highest levels of cuteness.

Check out the interview below:


  1. #Team CiCi I hope she pulls it off. Im gonna support her. She should have did a Promise remix but still with the slow tune, that would have put her back on for sure!

    1. Single people are supposed to date. Why is there a certain number a woman can date in a year but a man can do whatever? Let’s not be sexist here.

  2. That’s really sweet of him. I’m glad to see someone who doesn’t mind claiming her or saying great things about her in public. Good sh-t.

  3. Starting to like them together. I don’t know if I agree that the album is a classic just yet, the songs just aren’t sticking with me so far.

  4. LOL. Future is hilarious. Superstar? Nope. Classic album? We’ll see. Lord knows she needs one. Good luck Ciara.

  5. Alright, no more talking, just drop that fire and let’s see what happens. It’s time for Ciara to prove herself.

  6. Luvvvvvvvvvvvv the song body party i got it as my ringtone and listen to it everyday plus future and Ci luk really cute together<3

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