Ciara Shows Her Love for Future

Photo Credit: @ciara Instagram
Photo Credit: @ciara Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Ciara is set to drop her new album this summer, but it’s clear new music isn’t the only thing the R&B singer is happy about these days. Ciara is dating up and coming rapper Future, and he’s already been heavily involved in her comeback. The rapper even co-wrote her newest single “Body Party,” and he continuously gushes about the singer in his interviews. In a more recent interview, he claimed that he believes she’s a superstar and he says that he has enough confidence to proclaim her next album “One Woman Army” a classic before it even drops:


“Yeah, for sure. It’s great because I just take the role of just playing beside her and just letting her run it the way she run it. Because she know what she want. You know what I’m saying? So it’s easy working with a superstar who’s done it over and over and over several times, making hits. So outside our relationship, when we in the studio we just go freelance and just let her do whatever she do. As an artist I’m there to critique what she got going on…That’s why One Woman Army gonna be one of the greatest albums she’s released. Cause she took her time with it. She overcame a lot…I’m already calling it a classic before it even come out.”


Ciara was glowing apparently after she got wind of his remarks, and took to her Instagram account to show love for her very supportive boo:

ciara and future


Too cute.


  1. That comment section was a fool though. Girls were on there writing about some girl he is supposedly cheating with in Atlanta. Females are so damn cruel. LOL.

    1. He’s probably cheating. He’s a rapper and has several baby mamas. I wouldn’t put it past him, but she seems happy so I guess it doesn’t matter.

    1. And if it is someone new next year, so what? Rappers sleep with multiple women a year, and no one says anything. I can’t stand double standards.

  2. I wish them both the Best! I like Future and been a fan of Ciara so all this internet love making….they gotta pull this off. Im just glad to see that he is claiming her!

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