Kenya Moore Goes After the RHOA Husbands

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kenya Moore may be bringing in the ratings for season five of Real Housewives of Atlanta, but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t earned the mean girl label for the season. If anything, that’s just confirmation. Fresh from her success in the workout DVD battle with Phaedra Parks, Kenya is still not quite free from the situation with Walter Jackson. Walter went to an Atlanta radio and claimed that his relationship with Kenya was staged, per her request. Kenya denied it and pretty much dogged Walter on the show and via Twitter, and Walter was hoping he could get revenge by getting an invitation to the reunion show to “expose” her. Bravo wasn’t having it though, and Kenya finds that amusing. However, Walter is still popping up at events that Kenya’s been showing up to, and Kenya feels it’s a scheme by the other housewives to make her act a fool on camera.

After suggesting that the other housewives are trying to set her up by inviting Walter to events that she’s planning to attend, Kenya then redirects her frustrations to their husbands, and says they are being vindictive for chatting it up with Walter at events he shouldn’t even have been invited to in the first place.

In her Bravo blog, she writes:

“I find it interesting that Peter, Apollo, and Kordell act like catty little women more than their wives. Is that even possible? I am choosing my words carefully but they act like little (rhymes with witches). They were all salivating at the mouth to listen to my spiteful, dateless ex hurl pitiful and juvenile comments aimed to insult and degrade me after seeing how fabulous I looked at the event with my famous friend. I twirled in looking Gone with the Wind Fabulous. I felt incredible that night, and after seeing how dumb and trite a 46-year-old-mid-life-crisis-having ‘man’ can act, I also clearly mitigated my damages by dodging a bullet in the relationship department.

“My ex may have been invited by Peter, but he knew full-well cameras would be present and yet he showed up anyway after I asked him not to attend any functions where he knew I would be. Atlanta may be small, but when you are a fame Slore riding off the coattails of someone else’s celebrity, you seek out any moment you can to get your 15 minutes. The same is true for Kandi’s housewarming. I adore Kandi, but she knew he would be there and it was obviously a trap to get me to get into some big drama-filled spectacle of a blow out with my ex. Phaedra, Apollo, and Peter all conspired to purposely make me feel uncomfortable, threatened, and embarrassed, so I immediately left. No one puts Baby in the corner!”


Check out a clip of Walter kicking it with the RHOA husbands and infuriating Kenya in the process:


  1. This woman is crazy…I am so over RHOA I can’t stand her a-s….maybe she should not fake hving a boyfriend and then she would not have all this trouble..tired of her playing the victim all the time..Get over yourself.

    1. Her mean a…s had to ask her friend on national TV to help get her man, maybe if she wasn’t so full of herself a man might want her, and she was right when she said her eggs were getting old

  2. LOL. Porsha had it right. Kenya really does like to make herself out to be the victim all the time, yet takes shots at people on a regular basis. Lame.

  3. I wish Kenya would go away. I sincerely do. Her storyline has gotten old quick. She faked a relationship and Walter can do what he wants. If he wants to go somewhere in ATL where he’s been living all these years, he has every right. Shut up Kenya.

  4. She needs to have a stadium of seats. And if she’s not careful, Kordell will drag her on Twitter. He’s a feisty one. LOL.

  5. Kenya has nothing else to talk about but her fake boyfriend and Phaedra. I see she is trying to switch it up and talk about the husbands now. She’s ruining RHOA for me.

  6. The biggest thing about this blog are the words she uses incorrectly. “mitigated my damages by dodging a bullet….” I think “eluded damages by dodging a bullet…..” would have sufficed. She could have dropped “also”…it did not add a proper link from the previous statement.

  7. She sounds like she’s on crack! How she gonna talking about others acting like children when you a grown azz woman twirling around talking about you’re “gone with the wind fabulous?” And she just mad about Kandi’s party cause she didn’t know in advance that Walter was gonna be there so she could bring Jamal again as her date! Cause at Peter’s party she wasn’t worried about Walter! I hope not to see Kenya again next season.

  8. I find it hilarious how you people sit up here and hate on folks who look and have more than you. Is this blog based in Atlanta? Cause from what I’m seeing a LOT of dirt is coming out about the other cast members. Walter’s dirt is getting exposed by Kenya AND his ex wives and girlfriends! Ha! I do agree that she should not have faked anything, but she has saved this season from being extremely boring! I hope next season they either bring in a housewife that can replace Porsha or Faketra and can confront Nene! This show needs it cause all of the ladies are scared of her!

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