Kim Kardashian Expresses Hurt Over Being Called Fat While Pregnant

Photo Credit: @kimkardashian Instagram
Photo Credit: @kimkardashian Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West remain one of the tabloid’s favorite couples to target with rumors and crazy speculations. This has been the case since  the couple went public with their romance last April, and now that they are expecting their first child together (a girl) in July, the rumors surrounding the romance haven’t slowed down any. Even though Kim is still going through a nasty divorce with estranged husband Kris Humphries, these days there are things more hurtful to her than Kris’ camp slamming her in the media. And in Kim’s world, the most hurtful thing that she’s going through right now is being called fat while pregnant.

According to multiple reports, everyone from the paps to random people on social media have been poking fun at the reality star and telling her that she’s fat. Kim says the comments are hurtful to her and she thinks it’s mean that anyone would call a pregnant woman fat.

Kim tells US Weekly:

“It’s not cool and it’s not fair. People are saying, ‘you’re so fat! I’m like, dude, I’m pregnant! Social media gives people the guts to say mean things.”


In related news, a source tells The Sun that Kim and Kanye have already decided on a baby name for their baby girl. According to the publication, Kanye wants to name the child “North.” And the reasoning is he likes the thought of his daughter walking around being called “North West.” They also report that Kanye’s upcoming album will be named “I Am God.” We’re not sure how true these reports are though, so take both with a grain of salt for now.


  1. LOL. Kim cries over the dumbest sh-t. For her to have so much money, she cares too much about what other people say about her. She needs to toughen up.

  2. She’s as wide as a whale. Some women just blow up when they are pregnant. It’s not the end of the world, but as shallow as Kim is, she thinks it is.

  3. Just goes to show how superficial she is. People have said a whole slew of things about her, from getting famous from a sex tape to her marriage being a sham, and this what she gets upset about…… the whole family is shameful. Kris, their momager, who will sell any of her kids down the river for a $1, and Kim, who only sees herself in the mirror and doesn’t care about anyone else.

  4. You can call Kim a slut, porn star, and talentless c-m dumpster; but don’t you dare call her fat. Now that is mean.

  5. Those same losers did the same thing to singer Adele too! People need to realize that celebrities are human beings with feelings just like the rest of us. How would u feel if people constantly put u down & called u all kinds of nasty uncalled for names? U definitely need a super thick skin to be in Hollywierd & Kim’s gonna have to grow one! She should just be concerned with having a healthy baby & tell the world to “Kiss her juicy A$$!” Beauty comes in ALL shapes & sizes..i’ve seen many beautiful full figured women & trust and believe there’s a LOT of men wanting to “sop dem up wit a bisquit!”’s a matter of personal taste..there’s sombody for everybody!

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