Soulja Boy Slammed over ‘Syrup’ Pics After Lil Wayne Health Scare

Photo Credit: @souljaboy Instagram
Photo Credit: @souljaboy Instagram

By: Taren Vaughan

Soulja Boy sure does know how to get people fired up on social media networks. Not too long ago, he got caught beefing with Lil’ Scrappy over his now ex-girlfriend Diamond, Diamond and Lil’ Scrappy’s fiancee’ Erica Dixon getting dragged into their beef. Things cooled off between him and Scrappy as Scrappy is busy filming for the upcoming season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Soulja Boy and Diamond once rumored to be joining the show’s cast. Even though he is not set to appear on Season 2 of LHHATL, Soulja Boy still knows how to keep his name in the media as the things that he recently posted from his Instagram account  got an angry rise out of people. Barely over a week after Lil’ Wayne was hospitalized after suffering from seizures (Lil’ Wayne has been released from the hospital) that were said to be linked to the rapper’s love of drinking “syrup”, Soulja Boy decided to take to his Instagram account to post some rather controversial pictures of cough syrup and “Mary Jane”, topping things off with a picture of him and his friends holding bottles of liquid promethazine with codeine, a Sprite bottle and Stryofoam cups. It didn’t take long before those in the Twitterverse let him have it.

Here are some of the tweets:


“Dummies. Cough syrup? smh real cool”

“soulja boy instagrammin that cough syrup like a f*ckin infant don’t u know lil wayne near died last week from that sh*t u f*ckin idiot”

“This is what I mean by so called “Role Models” “soulja boy” showin kids how 2 get high on cough syrup! FKN IDIOT!”

And here are the photos obtained by AllHipHop that Soulja Boy uploaded to his Instagram account which he ended up deleting:

soulja boy cough syrup pictures

soulja boy cough syrup pictures

soulja boy cough syrup pictures


  1. Attention whore! He knew doing this would get him some blog attention. He’s so desperate and pathetic for this!!!!

  2. Yeah, I call a publicity stunt on this one. He’s still going to be a flop after this so what was the point?

  3. I just can’t with this fool. If he actually had some damn talent he wouldn’t have to resort to all these stunts. Smh.

  4. Sometimes some ce;ebrities will do anythig for attention and this is what I think this is. Drinking syzzurp is not cool at all, instead it makes you look dumb for glorifying it. I don’t care if Soulja Boi does it or if Lil Wayne does it; I just hope that impressionable young children will not follow their ;ead.

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