Rumor Control: Kanye West Not Naming Next Album ‘I Am God’

Photo Credit: LittleO2
Photo Credit: LittleO2

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kanye West has been labeled as a pretty arrogant and self-absorbed artist thanks to a series of bizarre on stage rants and questionable rap lyrics. As a result of how his image has been portrayed via the media and the rants and crazy on stage antics; a lot of rumors about Kanye just seem so believable. It’s already been confirmed that the rapper has a new solo studio album on the way, but there has already been several reports speculating on what the title will be. Everyone is expecting the title to be a controversial one, with the most controversial one being the I Am God report. BBC reported recently that an insider told the publication that the rapper and soon to be baby daddy of reality star Kim Kardashian was set on calling his next studio album I Am God. Of course, the rumored album title isn’t sitting well with most people.

In the midst of all the reports, someone in Kanye’s camp allegedly told E! Online that the reports simply aren’t true and the rapper has no plans at the moment to name his upcoming studio album I Am God. E! Online reports:

Kanye West is a deity of sorts in the rap game, but not quite the creator of the universe.

Although BBC News reported that Kim Kardashian’s boyfriend was considering calling his upcoming album I Am God, a source tells E! News this is not true.


In related news, it’s being reported by Stub Hub that Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake’s concert tickets are outselling Kanye and Jay-Z’s hit show “Watch The Throne” 5 to 1. We’re thinking Kanye might not be pleased with this news considering Justin just shaded him on Saturday Night Live recently for that rant he did a few weeks ago.


  1. Am I the only one who is puzzled as to why it seems like a black person singing R&B flops, but when white people do they go platinum? Oh the irony.

    1. Because this still a white world whether we like or not…and cuz white support eachother more than we do, cuz we prefer to shade eachother instead of supporting one other……It is really sad…….

  2. It’s a sad day when Ye is referred to as “Kim Kardashian’s boyfriend” in an article written about him……

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