Kordell Stewart Cheated on Porsha, Goes Back to Ex?

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Did Kordell Stewart cheat on Porsha before he filed for divorce? As we reported recently, the marriage between Porsha and Kordell looks be coming to an end. The couple married in May 2011, but their appearance on Real Housewives of Atlanta would put pressure on their marriage. When Porsha made several comments suggesting that she had to have her husband’s permission to have company at the home when he wasn’t there and his approval to go to the “gentleman’s club” with the other housewives during their time in Vegas; the other housewives and fans of the show started to label Kordell as a controlling husband. NeNe Leakes even suggested that she felt Kordell treated Porsha more like a child than a spouse, and Kordell made it clear he didn’t appreciate the criticism. While Porsha’s fate on the show is still in question, Kordell apparently didn’t appreciate Porsha’s budding interest to have her own career and be more than a “trophy wife.”

TMZ snapped some pictures of Kordell hanging out with the mom to his son Syre (Tania Richardson) the day before he filed for divorce, and there’s been a lot of gossip going around about the status of their relationship. Some people are claiming that they have seen the former couple (Kordell and Tania) hanging out in Atlanta and even attending church together since he filed the paperwork, this of course has some speculating that they might have gotten back together. Here’s the report according to Reality Wives:

Kordell was spotted attending church last Sunday with Richardson. The two were also spotted together again just two days before Stewart’s divorce filing was revealed. If Tania’s sounds familiar, Tania is the friend of former Real Housewives Of Atlanta star Sheree Whitfield and was featured on a few episodes of RHOA. Tania has a career and is the office manager and marketing coordinator at Liberty House Restaurant Corporation and she’s also the co-owner of Beauty Fetish Salon.

Ironically, Kordell allegedly cheating on Tania with Porsha in 2009. Tania also wanted to appear on RHOA as a full time character. Mr Traditional said no and Tania obeyed her man. Eventually the relationship fizzled and Tania had enough of him and left.

Kordell later married Porsha, she was easy to control and willing to go along with the traditional marriage Kordell wanted, she was happy about this also. But then changed her mind later in the marriage, especially during taping RHOA. Kordell hated how he appeared on the hit show and was embarrassed by how his wife sounded and looked – like a gold-digger. Porsha for months tried to make everyone believe the marriage was going well, which it wasn’t. Kordell wanted out, Porsha may have been surprised by him filing, but she knew he wanted out.


Interestingly enough, Kordell’s ex spoke on their breakup in a video a few years ago and suggested that although Kordell proposed to her,  after awhile he began to push her away and started to display behavior that suggested he no longer wanted to get married. In the video, she says they were together for ten years, but he seemed to dangle getting married in her face quite a but to keep her around for a decade. Once he started to drag his feet during the planning of the wedding, she decided to end things. However, he pretty much told her he didn’t plan to marry her anyway when she told him it was over. She tells her girlfriend:

“He knew deep in his heart that he didn’t want to marry me Simone. And then when I gave him his ring back, he says to me, ‘I wasn’t going to marry you anyway!'”


Check out the video below:


  1. WOW. If Tania really did take him back after all he put her through, she’s a bigger fool than Porsha! Kordell has some issues and he’s not marriage material!

  2. What in the world? This is a big mess. Let me find out Porsha was a sidechick that ended up the main chick and the main chick before her got even and was the side chick that caused the divorce. Messy!

    1. Kordell wasn’t married to that chick so there was nothing to mess up. He didn’t want to marry her anyway.

  3. Smh. Tania is a fool. She walked away, why go back to him now? She knows better than Porsha that the man has issues. I guess she’s still trying to get on RHOA. Sad.

  4. Why do either of these beautiful black women want this fool? He’s ugly and his personality is even uglier. I just don’t get it.

  5. Damn. Yeah, Porsha just needs to move on. I hope she’s not trying to “work anything out” with this fool. Get your spousal support, sign on for another season of RHOA, and date some better men. This is a mess.

  6. I don’t put this past Kordell. But I’m thinking he has a little boyfriend on the side too. Dude gives me gay vibes something serious. He treats his women like beards. IJS.

  7. SMDH. Run Porsha and don’t look back. Any woman that would still deal with a man that put her through 10 years of BS is an idiot. Plain and simple. There’s not enough money in the world for me to be some fool’s doormat.

  8. Yeah I live in ATL and people have been talking about this. I think Tania fell out with Sheree, but she felt some kind of way that Kordell told her she couldn’t do RHOA and then turned around and “let” Porsha do the show. I guess this is payback. Smh.

  9. It’s just crazy to me how people will let reality TV completely destroy their lives. What is wrong with people?

  10. So he cheated on Tania with Porsha? Wow. Sounds like Tania wanted to get even. Porsha should just chalk it up to a lesson and move on. Let these fools have each other.

    1. Technically, a homewrecker is a woman that messes with a married man. A single man (which Kordell was at the time because he wasn’t married) is fair game. LOL.

  11. She put up with Kordell for 10 years? She’s a fool! Porsha girl just let them have it. He’s not worth the drama. Any man that talks to his wife like a child on TV is not the business.

  12. Oh wow! I like Porsha, I just think this marriage was doomed from jump. Kordell just has too many issues.

  13. Kordell sucks. Both of these women need to move on. Tania is not smart for even entertaining him when he put her through so much. But then again, any woman that tolerates Kordell for a decade can’t be the sharpest tool in the tool box now can she? Believe it or not, if Porsha goes through with the divorce and gets spousal support, she’s not as dumb as everyone says she is.

  14. He’s an a*s and was obviously born in the wrong era……..he’d of been happy as heck back in the 50’s and 60’s.

  15. He’s a b-tch! I see exactly what he did. Since the BM dumped his ragged a– he decided to dump Porsha first cause he don’t like rejection. All he needs is a jar of Vaseline and he needs to stay to himself. He ain’t boyfriend material and he damn sure ain’t marriage material.

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