Tyrese Doesn’t Regret Calling Overweight People Nasty

Photo Credit: @tyrese Instagram
Photo Credit: @tyrese Instagram

By: Taren Vaughan

If you didn’t know before, we can guarantee that you know now that Tyrese Gibson has no filter at all when it comes to him sharing his personal thoughts about things as he managed to upset quite a few people the other day with some comments that he made in reference to overweight people in one of his recent interviews. As he was in the midst of talking about his latest musical projects, his new documentary and the relationship book that he has out with Rev Run, the topic of entertainers serving as role models came up into conversation as Tyrese was asked about whether or not he felt responsible for inspiring his fans to take on healthy lifestyles. And the response that Tyrese gave, rather the tone of the response, to the question made a lot of folks all sorts of angry.

Here’s the comments that Tyrese made that left people rather ill with him:

“No two situations are the same. If you are fat and nasty and you don’t like the way you look, do something about it. It’s simple. When you take a shower and you put your fat, nasty body in the shower and by the time you get out, the mirrors are all steamed up so you don’t look at what you did to yourself. That may sound offensive or insensitive but ultimately, you are big as h*ll because you have earned that sh*t. You worked your a** off to eat everything in sight to get big as h*ll.”

“If you got a problem with the way you look, then you need to do something about it. Excuses sound best to the people that’s making them up.”

Tyrese caught an angry earful from some of his fans over the comments. But he doesn’t look to be offering an apology or taking back what he said as Tyrese reminded people that he is known for speaking the whole truth and nothing but and that he isn’t one for being politically correct (Read from bottom to top):

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  1. There’s plenty of overweight people who have motivated themselves to lose weight without calling themselves nasty. Negativity isn’t needed to push people.

  2. Tyrese is feeling himself TOO MUCH. He thinks he’s the expert of everything but he’s the master of nothing.

  3. Sigh..i’m soooo DONE with this alien-looking FOOL!! I see he’s just as UGLY on the inside as he is on the outside! He’s too ignorant to understand that it’s NOT about being “politcally correct”..it’s a matter of manners & plain decency! Being mean & insulting NEVER motivates a person in a good way..never heard of a person that was bullied as a child say later on in life..”i feel really fortunate for having to go through that!” DUH!! Guess Mr Personality has never heard the very true saying..”you catch more flies with honey than vinegar.” He’ll find out soon enough..he’s already managed to piss off a lot of people. Good going Tyrese..let’s see how this affects your fan base & career..SMART!!

  4. LMAO!! I happen to think his comments (whether taken out of context or not) are quite funny. I happen to be one of the fat nasties he’s referencing. I don’t give a damn what anybody thinks about me. And that’s real. So he can call me or folk that look like me anything that he likes. I don’t have anything bad to say about him. I think he’s talented and quite handsome. God bless and good luck to him.

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