Ratings Continue to Drop for ‘The Game’

Photo Credit: BET
Photo Credit: BET

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

BET made fans happy and a little nervous when it confirmed that it would be reviving the cancelled CW show The Game. However, with a new network came new changes, yet the fans continued to support the show through most of its changes. The show’s future began to look bleak when it was confirmed that the stars of the show Tia Mowry and Pooch Hall would not be returning to the show in its sixth season, and viewership has surely suffered as a result of the drastic change. BET attempted to make up for the huge loss by bringing in Lauren London, but fans of the show are having a hard time adjusting to the lack of Tia and Pooch. Not only are fans boycotting the show and signing a petition to get the two original stars back to the series, but ratings have dropped drastically since last season. Frankly put, the numbers for the season six premiere just don’t look as strong as they did for the season five premiere. And now according to reports, the ratings continue to get even worse post the season premiere. Here’s the report from Rhymes With Snitch:

BET’s The Game may have been renewed for another season. but viewers are tuning out in droves…

Former fan favorite The Game pulled in 2.5 million viewers for the season six premier last week but only manged to get 1.1 million viewers for the second episode.


Interestingly enough, BET has already renewed The Game for season seven, and doesn’t seem to be too concerned with the complaints from the show’s fans.


    1. Exactly word to the wise if you are going to replace the main characters make sure the writing of the show is great and the plot makes sense. Because the writing is mediocre and the plot of the show doesn’t make sense. Pooch and Tia are somewhere laughing.

    1. It’s not Lauren’s fault. The show is dying because of terrible writing and getting rid of the real stars of the show.

    1. They need to scrap everything BET has done with the show and start over…horrible writing and mediocre acting by great talents. BET tried to fix something that wasn’t broken. Who did they get to write for the show, a bunch of hoodrats from Edgewood? No respectable actor would even want to be involved with the project now, and it’s going to kill all of their careers except for those of Tia Mowry, Brittany Daniel and Pooch Hall.

      If I was a cast member I’d try to get out of my contract, buy my freedom papers and bounce. This isn’t even good work…totally unworthy of the talented actors on the show. It’s actually degrading and distespectful to them.

  1. I knew this would happen. I watched the premiere and was not impressed and haven’t watched it since then and apparently I’m not the only one. Another good show bites the dust. SMH

  2. I used to LOVE The Game in its CW days, but it has severely fallen off since going to BET, in my opinion. They tried to make it all dramatic, the writing was different, it just wasn’t as good to me. And I had been one of the supporters trying to get it back on television, signing petitions and leaving posts on message boards, and was so excited when it was brought back. But that excitement dissipated after one or two episodes. After a while, I just stopped watching it altogether. I did watch the season six premier, and I’ll admit it has improved, but it’s still not as good as it used to be, ESPECIALLY now that Derwin and Melanie are gone.

  3. I haven’t watched one episode this time either. You can’t just replace the main characters and expect the show to be good. It won’t survive.

  4. I think it’s bomb! I like the format and I like the new characters. Pooch Hall and Tia Mowry was ok but they didn’t make up the show, I think they should get a team of writers and just go in and do the damn thing, there is hope still for this show, if people will give it a chance.

    1. You smoke the good stuff, huh? What show have you been watching? It surely isn’t “The Game”. Maybe a 15-year-old with no critical thinking skills to speak of would think the show is ok, just out of being glad to see black prole on television. But there’s no way that anyone who followed the show from day-1 could ever think that BET has done a good job with the show.

      There are too many problems…starting with the disjointed writing and continuing with just about everything else, including the acting (resulting from bad directing AND writing, be ause the actors are actually talented), the lighting, the sound and everything else.

      At this point, the only good thing about the show is the wardrobes. The sets are decent but not used properly.

      BET has done a poor job with the show, and I am embarrassed for the actors and crew, insulted as a fan, and furious at BET for disrespecting our culture with stereotypes and mediocre writing.

    2. Either you don’t understand good writing or you don’t like good acting?! Because this show does not have either one. This is some unstructured “HOT GHETTO MESS”!!! Who writes for them?! Lil’ Wayne?! Every female acts like and sounds like a knock off of Tasha Mack! The acting (If that’s what you want to call it) is unimpressive and very unrealistic. They’re more worried about the way they look than they are about whether or not their character is believable. To top it off there is no real storyline to follow. It’s like a reality show gone ” GHETTO Hollywood”( As if any of them are real anyway)! This is pure GARBAGE!!!

  5. BET dropped the ball they should’ve never replace Tia and Pooch I understand that they had to replace Brittany because of her medical issue love Brandy character but them other two storyline makes no sense so every time their part is on I flip the channel. Bring Pooch and Tia back and make sure their storyline makes sense.

  6. This was or is, arguably, to me at least, the worse black casted show on TV. The writing is horrible, and so is the acting. Lauren London’s acting skills are mediocre at best. The roles were super cliché and dumb. So many professional athletes do not act like that. It just did not flow. I’m really shocked they kept it on this long. Get rid of this crap already!!!

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