Erica & Lil Scrappy Break Up Again, Rapper Skips Preview Party

Photo Credit: AllHipHop/YouTube
Photo Credit: AllHipHop/YouTube

By: Taren Vaughan

Did Erica and Lil Scrappy break up again? Season 2 of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is just days away now and from the looks of things, viewers are going to be in for another round of wild entertainment. Monami Entertainment and Myx Fusions held a preview party hosted by the show’s executive producer Mona Scott-Young at Cream Ultra Lounge to reveal a sneak peek of episode one of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta season 2 to those in attendance. And at the party, some rather interesting things came to light that may lead some people to think that an Erica and Lil Scrappy break up may have happened. Erica Dixon and Shay Johnson made headlines last week as the rumor mill suggested that the two got into a violent brawl on the set of the show that resulted in Erica allegedly pulling out a blade on Shay and that Erica left Shay’s face all cut up and bloody. The fight rumor was a short-lived one as Erica let it be known that she doesn’t need weapons to fight while Shay showed off her cut-free face in a photo that she posted on her Instagram account.

The gossip about her fight with Shay isn’t the only thing that Erica has had to speak on as whispers suggested that her and Scrappy were no longer together. Erica shut down the Scrappy break up rumors before however they may be about to start up again as Erica is seen at the party no longer wearing her engagement ring. And when she was asked about where Scrappy was, Erica shrugs and says she doesn’t know where he is and didn’t seem to be too concerned about his absence either.

And of course the event wouldn’t have been complete without the members of the infamous love triangle gets some camera time as Mimi was asked about what it is about Stevie that women can’t seem to resist. She responds by saying that Stevie would be the best person to ask that question but Joseline beats him to it and says that he is working with something and that’s women can’t get enough of him. Mimi wasn’t even trying to keep quiet on that one as she goes in on Stevie about his manhood after hearing what Joseline had to say.

Other missing people from the scene were Karlie Redd and K. Michelle. Interestingly enough, K. Michelle is leaving LHHATL after this season but confirmed she has a spin-off show of her own coming soon.

Check out the clip below:


    1. Agreed. And if Lil Scrappy still can’t stand up to his momma and tell her to mind her business, he won’t ever have a successful relationship with any woman. Shay included. Momma Dee seems to turn on whoever Scrappy dates after a while.

  1. I guess momma dee is happy. She probably broke them up. Scrappy will be back at Erica doorstep again. SMH.

  2. Smh. Welp, at least we know the season will be better than that whole flop season we just watched of LHHNY. Even the pre-drama for LHHATL is already more interesting.

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