NFL Star Kerry Rhodes Gets Exposed by Alleged Ex Boyfriend

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

NFL star and current free agent Kerry Rhodes has been a target of gay rumors for quite some time. Although the professional football player has usually kept quiet about the gay rumors, he decided to break his silence recently on the speculation. TMZ caught up with him recently,  and he attempted to shut down the rumors by telling the paps he is not gay. But his denial hasn’t stopped people from talking and if anything it’s only made someone from his past start talking to the press. Allegedly, one of Kerry’s alleged former boyfriends has decided to expose the athlete and is doing so because he is furious that Kerry is allegedly denying his sexual orientation. Russell Simpson claims he is one of Kerry’s former boyfriends and he decided to allegedly tell all to Bossip. And according to Russell, things were so serious that Kerry gave him an engagement/promise ring:

“I was like his wife. I ran the household and took care of all his personal needs. If anyone needed anything from Kerry they came to me! That’s what Kerry loved about me. i didn’t take no sh*t from nobody. Kerry is kinda a dumb athlete, like a dumb jock. So, I took care of things that he didn’t understand. And yes, his teammates did know about me. It was kinda unspoken but I was at all his training camps and events. The other wives knew and loved me too. I was always there. It was no secret!

“I had an engagement ring he gave me. Look at some of the pics and I am wearing a promise ring he gave me. We were in love and it was real. But now look at him! He’s lying and looking like a real dumbazz. Why couldn’t he just STFU and no even said anything. He had to deny it like I wasn’t real. Like, I never existed. What the hell?? We filmed that reality show together, he has hours of footage of me and him together for the show. I have NOTHING to hide! I’m grown as hell and have nothing lie about.

“Kerry Rhodes is gay. That’s the truth.”


When asked about why he’s talking now, Russell says it’s because he’s angry Kerry is trying to deny their alleged past together:

“Yes he actually text me like “Hey baby, can you just not say anything about all this” but that’s what I don’t like. He’s lying because he’s trying to protect his free agency. He’s not going to be one of those guys who come out in the league because he cares too much about that. But why is he lying?? LOOK AT THE PICS!! He loved me and now he’s lying. That’s why I put him out there because he came for me. I’m not here for fame. He wanted me to have a reality show because he said I was destined for it. His teammates said I had a great personality and encouraged me to be on TV. This was our life! This was real!”


And here’s one of the pictures he gave Bossip to provide what he says is proof that they had a romance:

kerry rhodes gay


  1. I’m not surprised. There’s a lot of down low athletes. Hey, be you. I don’t care. Just don’t front because the truth will come out eventually. You can’t keep nothing from the media anymore.

  2. Messsssssssyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!! My goodness! I don’t know how I feel about this. Scorned lovers are nothing to play with. If the man isn’t comfortable with coming out, then I don’t see the problem with that. Everyone deals with things on their own terms in their own time. This isn’t looking too good for him tho. That photo!!! Smh there’s no denying that. lol on that lil donut kicking it. Smh.

  3. Yeah, it’s messed up he’s putting him on blast like that but that whole in the closet thing hurts people. I’m sure he’s probably still messing with women too. Not cool. Be real and just give your all to your sport. That’s really all that matters anyway.

  4. I hate when people push people out the closet. Let people come out when they feel comfortable enough to. Smdh.

    1. Exactly. People have to come out on there own terms and on their own time. Honestly I think it is messed how he’s telling everyone but those lies will always come to the light!

  5. “Kerry Rhodes is gay. That’s the truth.” There you have it! In other news.. North Korea is still tripping.

  6. This man sounds more hurt about him missing out on the “shine” he was supposed to have with the so called reality show than anything else. Notice how many times he stresses his time on TV:
    “I’m not here for fame. He wanted me to have a reality show because he said I was destined for it. His teammates said I had a great personality and encouraged me to be on TV.”
    “We filmed that reality show together, he has hours of footage of me and him together for the show.”
    Young man, if you were heartbroken you’d only make mention of how he deceived you. Nothing else. #butthurt….no pun intended

  7. I still think that the SYNCHRONZED Honeybee looking b-tch in question is just angry that Kerry didnt want him for his assistant any longer and although, they may have kissed, when it came time for Kerry to give him the d-ck, Kerry refused. Kerry let this tramp live with him because he wanted him to assist him with his business affairs. They became very close over the time he lived with him and took pictures where they are very close up on one another. Hell, anybody can see that there are other people also in these pics if you EXPAND THEM OUT further. Its as if everywhere these pics were taken, someone else is there with them. NOW , if they were getting busy in the bedroom, you would see these pics either being snapped by Kerry or by Hollywood, but that is not the case in these pics. And as far as those text messages are concerned. Of course Kerry called him baby. Straight men call each other baby all the time. especially in football and they smack each other on the ass all the time as well. Kerry is used to that and he didnt see anything wrong with texting him BABY, and even in the text message Kerry says , R YALL COMING UP HERE, which clearly means THERE WAS SOMEONE ELSE going with that b-tch every time so that shows you right there, the relation between them was close but not INTIMATE. That hollywood b-tch was lying. REALLY if Kerry rhodes were f-cking another man for a WHOLE YEAR dont you think some of the papparazzi would have gotten wind of the story and caught them out holding hands or something by NOW. Damn.

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