Rihanna Says Beef with Ciara Started Because of Jealousy

Photo Credit: @ciara Instagram
Photo Credit: @ciara Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Rihanna may be having some hiccups during her Diamonds World Tour and even rumored to be pregnant, but her beef with Ciara is keeping her in the headlines just as much as the rumors surrounding what’s really going on in her uterus. Although Rihanna just had to cancel her show in Houston, Texas to due to what her reps say is “an illness,” she’s still found time to add fuel to her feud with Ciara. As we reported recently, Ciara keeps getting asked about the beef in her interviews, and although she’s got a lot to talk about regarding her new album which is set to drop this July, she’s also being pretty honest about how she feels about Rihanna post her making fun of her for singing Body Party a cappella in the bathroom for her fans. And according to Ciara, not only does she not understand what she labels as Rihanna’s “obsession” with her, but she also thinks her rival is nuts for finding so much time to take jabs at her on Twitter and Instagram. She recently told Wild 94.9:

“I don’t have beef with anybody, but I’m not going to be disrespected either. I wish her well. I don’t know what her problem is . I think she’s nuts right now like whatever’s going on because for me it doesn’t make any sense. She has a lot of good things going on with herself. A lot of good things I’ve always said I’ve been happy for her. I don’t get it. I really don’t, but I wish her well. I wish her positivity.”


While many feel the issues started between both after Ciara said on Fashion Police that Rihanna “isn’t the nicest in person,” Rihanna tells her fans on Instagram the beef started because Ciara is jealous of her success:


rihanna and ciara beef instagram




  1. LOL. If Rih has higher numbers in album sales, why even waste time on beefing with Ciara? You don’t see Bey clapping back at Keri Hilson or Keyshia Cole. Why? Because her success does it for her. Rihanna needs to drop it. She’s helping Ciara more than hurting her.

    1. I agree. When you’re on top there’s no need to come down and beef with those trying to get to where you already are. Her young fans think this is cute, but it’s really just sad and unnecessary. Pathetic too. If Ciara is such a flop, leave her be and stop giving her press. The more attention she gives Ciara, the more it starts to look like she’s threatened. Secure people don’t talk that much.

    2. So true. Queens aren’t supposed to address peasants. That’s why I keep telling them Rih ain’t no queen. She’s an impostor.

    3. Exactly! That’s why she needs to just #BowDown. She wants to be the King but she doesn’t have the class, so she can’t even be the queen!

  2. Huh? So she’s trying to say Ciara popped off first because she’s jealous, well why then is Rihanna still going at her. If she’s a “lesser than” why give her so much attention. Sounds childish to me.

  3. Both of them just need to stop. Rihanna got lucky and Ciara’s career is on its last leg. They should both be humble and gracious that they even have record deals. And that’s me just being real.

  4. Riahanna is so childish, and has a such a big head, she thinks she all that….Riri be careful and be more humble, cuz the higher you’re the bigger is the fall, and when you hit the ground ain’t going to be pretty…..but it will serve you right…Rihanna is really getting on my nerves, I used to be a fan, but not anymore…SMH

  5. Rihanna is so childish. Why is she still entertaining this? She needs to be more concerned with why she can’t tour without canceling shows. Her priorities are all messed up.

  6. There’s nothing like reading about these two delusional birds in the Internet. It makes me laugh do hard to see these two go back and forth. It hilarious!

  7. I’m still baffled as to why she keeps going in so hard on Ciara. At least Ciara can tour properly and actually has some kind of talent. I’m so tired of Rihanna coming for people more talented than she is. Ugh.

  8. LMBO!!!!! Rihanna is hilarious. Man, she really acts like she can’t be replaced. She needs to humble herself. This is the music industry were talking about.

    1. yes Riri still mad at Ciara for doing that take you down duet with chris Brown all though years ago.
      I personal feel Ciara is way more talented then Riri,because atleast Ciara can actually dance, I feel if Ciara was also given Jayz backing she would of been bigger then Riri. So #clap back that trap of yours Riri#

  9. Rih is stupid! Why waste your time with someone you feel is beneath you? Maybe Rih a little scared CiCi may steal her shine!

  10. Honestly lets be real, i think rihanna knows ciaras potential, ciara could be a really BIG BIG star up there with janet (light voice, electric dance moves catchy songs pretty figure and face) and rihanna knows ciara is more talented, ciara just needs a great team with good music. And her voice has improved alot so theres competition in riris eyes. and the fact that chris brown did a recent interview about him and ciaras dance duet had his hormones racing might have pisssed riri off….any girl affiliated with chris pisses riri off. But it looks like this crack head is finally taking her fall. Rihanna maybe successful but shes not happy. Ciara gets money but flop or not shes still happy with her life and i think thats what rihanna wants.

  11. let’s b real. Rihanna 1st and 2nd album didn’t do nbers like Ciara’s did. she blew up OB the 3rd cuz everyone was more interested in her relationships to Jay-z, and Chris brown. and she is more famous NOT for her talent (which I’m still waiting for) but cuz she got her a-s busted up by Chris and is f-cking everything with a d-ck. so everybody who think Ciara is ‘hating’ need to b real. and I’m not a hater. I support them both but I also look at the bad and good on both ends. ijs, keep it real. -_-

  12. Rihanna should get over herself, she might be more popular than Ciara but I personally think Ciara’s songs are way better than hers

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