Confirmed: Erica and Lil Scrappy Broke Up

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Erica and Lil Scrappy broke up? Well as we recently reported, the rumors regarding the status of the two Love and Hip Hop Atlanta stars have been rampant ever since Lil Scrappy proposed to Erica on the reunion show. Earlier reports claimed the two lovebirds were done when Erica started making appearances without her engagement ring, however she shut down the reports on her Twitter account. Interestingly enough, she was again spotted without her engagement ring at the preview party, and when reporters asked her where Lil Scrappy was, she said she didn’t know as if she had no interest. But now it appears that Erica is ready to take the rumors straight on because when she was asked by a reporter at one of the premiere parties the other day if they were still together, she said, “There’s no Erica and Scrappy!” VH1 reports:

Erica didn’t look like she had a care in the world at the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta premiere party in ATL. It didn’t look she’d been anywhere singing Mary J‘s “I’m Goin’ Down” either, more like “No More Drama.” For season two Erica says she’s looking forward to “doing her thing, moving on with her life, relationship wise, career wise.” That’s not exactly saying the couple threw in the towel. That is until she’s asked about Scrappy whose hood romantical “Is you gon’ marry a n—-?” proposal went down at the reunion last year. When the interviewer asked her specifically about Scrappy she gave an enthusiastic, “No! There is no Erica and Scrappy.” In total disbelief the interviewer asks, “What?” She shakes her head with another confirmation of “NO!”


Check out the clip below of Erica confirming that she and Lil Scrappy are indeed over…for now.


  1. Well don’t take him back next time. They are so on and off it’s ridiculous. You can have a baby with someone and not be with them without the drama. Plenty of people do it.

  2. Oh well there you have it. If they get back together in time for the reunion again, I’ll be convinced this show is fake as hell.

  3. I was rooting for them. If you keep going back and forth with someone and can’t even stay engaged, it’s most likely not meant to be! Move on Erica!

  4. I’m sure Mama Dee played a part in their demise! We all know Scrappy is a mama’s boy so Erica blew it when she was about to put them paws on Mama Dee!

    I wish Erica the best of luck tho cause she can do way better than Scrappy!

  5. I CALL BULL SH-T! ERICA NEVER DESERVED SCRAPPY! And y’all stop haten on Momma Dee. Why you wanna bring a strong, protective, loyal mother down for defending her son?

  6. Mama Dee needs to back off. She can’t control Scrappy forever! Scrappy needs to grow TF up & stop letting his ghetto a-s mama run his life with all that King & Queen BS!

  7. Maybe It Is BEST That They Break Away From Each Other To Take Some Time To Think About What They Should Do About Their Relationship!!! Now Momma Dee U Can’t PICK For Your SON Now ERICA And SHAY R BEAUTIFUL WOMEN And If HIS HEART With ERICA So Be It Leave It ALONE SHAY On The Other Hand Is A Strong WOMAN She WILL Find SOMEONE For Herself SOON And EVERYONE Will Be HAPPY????????!!!!!!!!!!????????? (THEBESTINME)

  8. Scrappy&Erica you two Love each other Scappy Iam not taking sides you two have said things to one another because of others input,nothing matters but you Erica and you two Baby. Scrappy you are not a prince anymore you are a King and you have your own castle so get your wife and baby really put your mama in her place. Iam not saying dis-respect your mama but get your family Scrappy you are the man and really get it together. Ma Dee the prince is out of your castle,you need to back up and stop being Bossey you time is ove. Handle it Scappy&Erica

  9. I agreed. Personally I would not have given Mama Deep nor Shay the satisfaction. Erica and Scrappy relationship was not about their parents but about them and if they can break uncover the opinions, views and labels by their parents neither were ready. Its sad they were to have a parental meeting and immediately the tablets turned to them. I was rooting for them. If Erica stood through his past they should have been able to move past their parents who are both what –single. Im just saying

  10. I got no sympathy for Erica and in my opinion whether it came about in the right way or not, Scrappy dodged a bullet. If someone is into you, then the engagement ring could have been rubber band and they shouldn’t care. The fact that she went and got the ring appraised, that ain’t the kind of woman he needs to deal with. Too much flossing (Whose got the biggest ring…pleeeease!) and showing off with the girls. Deal with your Man….Love is Love and she never really displayed it, after all that is what Scrappy was always complaining about…Getting a ring shouldn’t have been the catalyst to make her start showing the affection, I mean ladies, wouldn’t you expect affection from the go ?

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