Kaylin Reveals Why She Almost Turned Down LHHNY, Talks Fight with Tahiry

Photo Credit: VLADTV/YouTube
Photo Credit: VLADTV/YouTube

By: Taren Vaughan

The Kaylin and Tahiry fight didn’t go to the lengths of the Joe Budden Consequence fight but did leave Kaylin and Tahiry officially at odds with each other. Kaylin was introduced as Joe Budden’s girlfriend to the season three casting line up for Love & Hip Hop New York but the girlfriend status that Kaylin had with Joe changed before the season was over as Joe’s unfinished business with his ex-girlfriend Tahiry became a focus of his, Joe letting Kaylin know that he was trying to work through his issues with Tahiry. As for Kaylin and Tahiry’s fight, Joe Budden didn’t want things to go down the way that they did between Kaylin and Tahiry and apparently neither did Tahiry as she admitted that she had her regrets about snuffing Kaylin, Kaylin too  having regrets of her own when it came to Tahiry and Joe maintaining a friendship with each other. Though Tahiry said that she regretted hitting Kaylin, she is highly bothered by the fact that Kaylin is viewed as the innocent victim in the situation.

In an interview that she did with VLADTV, Kaylin talked about how she became apart of the Love & Hip Hop New York cast. And she says that it just kind of happened as Kaylin reveals that she initially told Joe that she didn’t want to get involved with the show but decided to join aboard as a way to show her support to Joe. She also reveals that her return for next season is still up in the air but if asked to come back, she would accept the offer:

“I don’t know if I’ll be on the next season. If they come up to me and ask me ‘Hey, we want you on the next season, I’ll definitely say yes. But as long as they don’t have me in a room with someone’s ex or something, then I’ll be great. I wasn’t planning to be on the Love & Hip Hop show it just kinda threw itself at me and that was that. Like, I was just thrown in it. I already told Joe like ‘Listen, I don’t wanna be apart of Love & Hip Hop, whenever you’re done filming just holla at me later.’ But that didn’t happen because the supportive person I am, I stuck by my man and I supported him throughout the whole entire season of the show.”

Kaylin also addressed the fight situation with Tahiry. And when asked if she was surprised that things got physical between them, Kaylin says it didn’t shock her much that things turned violent between her and Tahiry as she says it’s hard to predict what Tahiry is going to do:

“Kinda but not really. I mean like, Tahiry is a very unpredictable person and that’s well known. But I did not want it to go down that way. But it just so happened to go down that way. And like I said, I was intoxicated, you know, that probably had a lot to do with it.”

And when asked if what set Tahiry off was Kaylin clowning her about her age, Kaylin says it could have been a number of things but says that Tahiry walked in the room mad from jump:

“It might have been but I don’t know what could have set her off. It could have been anything. When she first walked into the room, it was fire. So I can’t really say what it was.”

Kaylin adds that she hasn’t talked to Tahiry since the taping of the show but says that she thinks that they could keep it cordial if they ever crossed paths again and confirms that her and Joe are still not together.

Peep the clip below:


      1. I didn’t say innocent, I said naive. And naive also means lack of experience, wisdom, or judgment. I don’t think the girl has common sense to be honest. If she did, she wouldn’t have signed up for this. LOL. But I feel you though.

  1. lets call a spade a spade ! She is DUMB plan and simple. U dont need to be well into ur 30s to know when ur obviously getting played by A MAN who could care less

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