Erica and Lil Scrappy Get Back Together, Rapper Gets Locked Up

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Are Erica and Lil Scrappy back together? At this point, we really can’t keep up too much with the crazy cast of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. During a full week of press rounds, Erica started making appearances and doing interviews without her engagement ring on. After ducking and diving questions pertaining to Lil Scrappy for most of the week, she finally told reporters that it was over and there is “no more Erica and Scrappy.” Scrappy himself has had more legal issues, and a warrant was issued for the rapper a few days ago because he refused to take another urine sample after his probation officer told him the one he originally supplied appeared to have been tampered with. Welp, according to TMZ he has already turned himself in and Erica was right there with him holding his hand and both acted like they were very much together.

The rapper is still on probation, so we can only imagine what happens from here. While it’s not looking too good, Momma Dee has already had the “Free Scrappy (in that order)” shirts made. Yes, we are serious.

Now we’ve already heard rumors last year about Erica and Lil Scrappy faking their whole storyline to secure spots on the show, but now we’re really starting to believe those reports considering how coupled up they acted moments ago. Sure things can change when drastic things happen such as this, but since the VH1 cameras were rolling as Lil Scrappy tuned himself in, we’re starting to believe the rumors claiming the show is a little more staged than Mona would like to admit. As entertaining as the show is, it just makes sense that all of this drama just can’t be real. We’ll still be tuning in anyway though.


  1. So is this going to be their storyline. Make up, breakup, Shay/Momma Dee, get back together? Wash, Rinse, & repeat? The money must be good.

  2. LOL. I can’t even be mad if everyone on this show is faking it. Hell, Kenya Moore did it. Get your money y’all. I’m still entertained.

  3. It’s possible they had a change of heart because he got in trouble but it’s still sounding sketchy to me. Either way, I just feel Erica can do better.

  4. The show is very staged. Rasheeda and Kirk’s storyline will prove that even more this season. All of these people are low budget actors VH1 got for cheap. I’m still going to watch though. And you all will too.

  5. Oh Lawd. Erica must love that thug sh*t Lil Scrappy pretends to be on. That’s the only reason I can see her putting up with Momma Dee and him doing the dumbest things to keep getting locked up.

  6. I don’t think they were ever broken up. They lied to create drama. They are the more interesting Rasheeda and Kirk. Really happy in their relationship but faking drama to stay on the show. And Shay is most likely just a good friend who agreed to play something more. They all have to be in on it. And Momma Dee is a terrible actress. I can’t take her ‘kingdom” stuff seriously. They won’t be the first or last though to fake something for TV.

  7. The funny thing is even if this is fake, this show is more entertaining than LHHNY will ever be. That’s all I know.

  8. I am obsessed with the Erica and lil scrappy storyline. However something not adding up. She say they not together but he was with her on the way to jail. I hope she don’t become a sheree. Get into the fame and lose the man.

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