Kim Kardashian Is Not Rushing to Marry Kanye Post Divorce

Photo Credit: Extra TV
Photo Credit: Extra TV

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kim Kardashian may be expecting her first child with her current beau Kanye West, however, she just wrapped up a messy divorce from Kris Humphries that lasted longer than the actual marriage. The completion of the divorce took so long because Kris refused to get a divorce and fought for an annulment that he didn’t get in the end, and he wanted Kim to admit to the world that the marriage was a fraud for ratings. Now the divorce is finally a done deal, many suspect that Kim and Kanye would go ahead and tie the knot soon considering that they baby is due this summer. But with reports suggesting that the couple hasn’t spent much time together since Kim’s pregnancy was confirmed and Kanye has pretty much been in Paris ever since, some are speculating that the relationship has lost its steam. Kanye is now in New York and presented some of his new music to his record company the other day and has finally been spotted with Kim. The reality star gave one of her first interviews since divorcing Kris Humphries, and tells Extra that she is in no rush to get married to Kanye and wants to take things slow, despite being pregnant:

“I’m just glad for Kris and I both that we can just move on. I think we ultimately both wanted the same thing, so I’m glad that we were able to just come up with an agreement and just move on for the both of us. [On marrying Kanye] Don’t you think I should slow down? I think I should slow down. I’m just really enjoying my time with Kanye right now and we wanna (sic) have the baby and when you know how it’s gonna (sic) be in the end, there’s no need to really rush it right now.”


Check out the clip below:


  1. If Kanye wanted to get married tomorrow, she’d do it. She’s only saying this now because he’s not interested. I don’t care how busy Kanye is, to leave her in the US pregnant while he lives it up in Paris sounds like a relationship heading for it’s end.

  2. LOL. Girl bye. She knows he isn’t trying to marry her right now. Don’t say you’re not rushing anything and your a-s is pregnant! BS Kim.

  3. Uh oh. ‘Ye had a change of heart already. A few months ago her camp was swearing he was dying to marry her and just counting down the days to her divorce. Kim thought she’d be special because she’s the self hating black man’s dream girl. Welp, back to the drawing board boo.

  4. If they aren’t in a rush, why did they bone without a condom? A baby is just as much of a commitment as marriage. He has signed up to deal with her for at least 18 years. I smell BS.

  5. Kanye is a Gemini. Gemini men are real hot and cold. They are madly in love with you one minute, the next they can’t stand to be around you. Him going to Paris is typical Gemini man stuff as well. Kim has signed up to be basically miserable for the rest of her life if she does marry this man. She should have paid attention to what Amber went through.

  6. Now I’m really starting to think they are having problems. Not too long ago Kim’s people were saying he couldn’t’ wait to marry her and would be proposing in no time. Now you want to take things slow? Ha. I see you Momma Kris.

  7. Kim needs to have a seat. She sounds real ignorant. How can she say she needs to slow it down but already be pregnant by the next guy? How is THAT slowing down?

  8. How is she having so much fun with someone she’s barely spent any time with since getting knocked up?

  9. Kim and kanye love each other sometymz we don’t hav 2 trust wat da press says coz dey nt always da 24/7.wish dem all da best n hope kim gets married 2 him n praying it will b kims last wedding will later be getting anniversaries.gudluck n god bless u kim and kanye

  10. She is lying, cuz she is dying for Kanye to ask her to marry him…if he proposed tomorrow she would be in the moon….lol

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