Sisterhood: Beyonce Gives Teyana Taylor Advice on Dealing with Haters

Photo Credit: @teyanataylor Instagram
Photo Credit: @teyanataylor Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Beyonce may have caused some backlash with her recent song “Bow Down,” but the singer superstar is without a doubt still one of the biggest names in music. So as a result of her success in the business, many up and coming sisters look to her as an inspiration and a role model as to what they need to strive for with their own music careers. Beyonce has been known to encourage younger singers in the past, especially since she seems to understand how to deal with the pressures of the industry and constant criticism. Teyana Taylor (the young singer is now signed to Kanye’s G.O.O.D. Music) recently attended one of Beyonce’s shows in Paris and went backstage and got some advice from the star that she says has changed her life forever.

When Teyana explained that she wasn’t believing in herself because of all the intense criticism she’s been receiving, Beyonce checked her and told her to pay no mind to her haters. Teyana shared the details of their conversation to her followers on Instagram. She writes:

Left the show in tears… Had a lil heart to heart wit The Queen Bey after her show. She told me how proud of me she was, & she knew i would be a star since the first time I taught her my Harlem moves lol i told her im not impressed with me YET but my season is coming soon she checked me and said “ya season is NOW & When u stop worrying about what haters got to say, you’ll start to notice that the RITE people are rooting for you. I am, I see you. I’m here for you whenever u need an ear”- Beyonce I love you Bey thanks for all of ur kinds words.


It’s rare that we get to see women uplifting each other in the music industry, so we have to admit this was pretty cool to see and figured we’d dedicate a post to it.

Check out Teyana’s photo with Beyonce:


beyonce and teyana taylor


  1. This is why I love Bey. She does this a lot actually. When Rihanna was going through it with the whole CB thing, she was talking to Bey! People love to hate this woman but she’s a sweet person who has been supportive of a lot of people. These pathetic haters see only what they want to see though.

    1. How ca people even hate on Teyana though? What music has she given us?
      I’ve always wondered how she maintains her lifestyle

      But I hope she launches something some time…It’s nice to hear from other artists..

  2. Awe. Teyana better pull a Big Sean though and start pushing her own music. Waiting on Kanye to promote you is like waiting for racism to end. It’s not happening.

    1. I sooo agree with this! Teyana has a nice voice too. She just needs to hustle a little more to get her name and music out there.

  3. Bey is a sweetheart. Most of the nice things she does goes unnoticed in the media. But that’s true for most celebs. They report every rumor and scandal though. Smdh.

  4. Listen to Beyonce!!!!! Teyana lord knows she got haters *cough keyshia hating azz cole* I always felt Teyana was very talented but wondered why she was never a big star. Take the Queen’s advice and do you boo!

  5. Great advice. I think this is why Bey has been on top for so long. She really doesn’t let what the critics and haters say bother her. Rihanna too. You have to have tough skin to make it in that business. I’m rooting for Teyana.

  6. No all Teyana needs to do is actually drop some good songs. She developed a decent fanbase even as she did absolutely nothing. Imagine how her fanbase would be if she dropped some hit records?

  7. Show the love “B”….any young artist out there today would wanna have the lady in their corner…..

  8. See Rihanna, Keyshia and Keri,now please take notes,instead of having a big head and thinking you’re bigger than everyone and beef with other artists, be humble and repsect others come on the world is so big and has a biliionsof people,so there room for everyone…..This Why I like,admire and respect Beyonce……

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