Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Shut Down Wedding Rumors

Photo Credit; @kimkardashian Instagram
Photo Credit; @kimkardashian Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Now that Kim Kardashian is a couple of steps away from being officially divorced from NBA star Kris Humphries, most people speculate it’s just a matter of time before she finds a new husband in current beau Kanye West. The couple is expecting their first child together, and even though it’s speculated Kanye has spent most of Kim’s pregnancy in Paris recording his upcoming studio album, rumors have been spreading like wildfire that these two are planning to get hitched just as quickly as the baby is born. These reports of course contradict what Kim told Extra TV a couple of weeks ago when she said she feels she should slow down since her last two marriages weren’t successful:

“I’m just glad for Kris and I both that we can just move on. I think we ultimately both wanted the same thing, so I’m glad that we were able to just come up with an agreement and just move on for the both of us. [On marrying Kanye] Don’t you think I should slow down? I think I should slow down. I’m just really enjoying my time with Kanye right now and we wanna (sic) have the baby and when you know how it’s gonna (sic) be in the end, there’s no need to really rush it right now.”


Kim’s camp has wasted no time in shutting down the rumors and they tell E! News that Kim and Kanye aren’t planning on getting married just yet:

Another Kim Kardashian rumor debunked!

In response to a report that the pregnant star and boyfriend Kanye West have their eye on having a big destination wedding in Big Sur, Calif., Kim’s rep tells E! News that the story is “100 percent false.”

And it doesn’t get much less true than that.


  1. Just looking at this picture, I’m really starting to think Kim is nothing but a beard for Kanye. Just sayin…

  2. LOL at these comments and this picture. I guess they were trying to look sexy here? I see absolutely no sexual chemistry between them.

  3. Ok. Something is really off about these two. He knocks her up and runs to Paris, and she seems to only date men that can keep her name in the news. They seem more like they have a business deal with each other than an actual romantic relationship. They are just so weird to me…

  4. He won’t ever marry her. I think he is in the closet and his real love lives in Paris. The baby might be something the both of them wanted. But I look at them and can only see a friendship. There’s nothing romantic about them. I can see them having a big public “break up” and Kanye living permanently in Paris with his lover after. IJS.

  5. Yall really think he’s gay? I don’t think he is. But I don’t think he wants to be with Kim anymore. The spark they had is gone! Oh well. Kanye will move on when she has the baby most likely.

  6. Kanye is a Gemini. Completely in love and infatuated with you until you fall for them……then they’re like ‘who are you again?” Lol

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