Shay and Scrappy Together? Shay Speaks

Photo Credit: WRUG Media Group/YouTube
Photo Credit: WRUG Media Group/YouTube

By: Taren Vaughan

Are Shay and Scrappy together? Shay and Scrappy’s relationship evolved into more than just a friendship from what was seen on the first season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. And as they took things beyond the friendship level, Scrappy’s baby’s mother, turned fiancee by the end of the season, Erica Dixon was not too happy about the whole thing. While a beef started up between Erica and Shay, Scrappy’s mother Momma Dee couldn’t have been happier as she has taken a real liking to Shay, so much that Momma Dee has been trying her hardest to get Shay and Scrappy back together despite Scrappy repeatedly telling her that he wants to be with Erica. Momma Dee even went to the extent of bringing Shay to the studio on the last episode of the show for a surprise visit, catching Scrappy completely off guard (His face was priceless by the way). Despite all Momma Dee’s attempts to change Scrappy’s mind about Shay and him telling his mom that he is not trying to go there again with Shay, people still tend to question whether or not Shay and Scrappy are together again with all the question marks surrounding his engagement to Erica. In an interview that she did with WRUG Media Group, Shay revealed her status with Scrappy and what attracts her to him, spilling some tea on Scrappy and Erica’s status too. And she also spoke on Momma Dee’s desire for her and Scrappy to be together.

On why she is attracted to Scrappy:

“Everything. He’s a great friend first of all. We’ve been friends for over 5 years. And I think in a relationship, you should become friends before you’re lovers. And that’s something that we had that was very special and that we still have. He’s a cutie pie and he’s genuine, and he’s sweet and he’s nice. He’s not perfect at all and neither is your man (points at camera). So don’t judge.”

On her status with Scrappy:

“Scrappy will always be apart of my life. I will tell you that. Like I said, it started from a friendship and we’ll always continue on. That’s something beautiful that we have. Sometimes I feel like we shouldn’t have stepped over that boundary of becoming more that just friends but it happened. I can’t take it back. It is what it is. And I have a genuine love for him. But he will always be apart of my life.”

On Scrappy humiliating her on national TV:

“Well of course I was. I think anybody in that situation would be. But I can’t give you everything because there’s a lot that’s happening on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta season two. Um, there is no marriage. I will tell you that. But that’s not my business. He’s my friend and that’s just it. Whatever happened happened. Sometimes you have to learn to move forward and leave the past the past. And like I said, he’s not perfect and neither are you. Neither am I. I’ve doing lots of things in my past that I will take to my grave you know what I mean? So it just is what it is. I’m a forgiving person and it just is what it is.”

On people saying that Momma Dee only likes her because she can manipulate her:

“Um, I think opinions are just exactly what it is, it’s an opinion. And I respect everybody’s opinion. I don’t have to agree with you to respect it. I love Momma Dee to death and she loves me. And at the end of the day, I make my own decisions. Yes, Momma Dee wants Scrappy and I together for her own reasons, you’ll have to ask her. But she comfortable just knowing that we are [her and Scrappy] definitely friends. And you just never know what could happen in the future. We are just friends.”

Peep the clip of Shay Johnson’s interview below:


    1. Exactly. Her and momma dee are trash. I just don’t understand why she feels the need to humiliate herself like this. Man, the ni**** told you every time ya’ll talked that he wanted to be with Erica. Sit down!

  1. She needs to have a seat. Respect their engagement, and let it go. I have no respect for what she is doing.

  2. Is she crazy about him the way she was crazy about Flava Flav???? I still laugh when I think about that. SMH.

    1. I was expecting it because she is tired of momma Dee and I am so glad Erica stands up to her. Baby Erica jumped in Scappy face and he DID shove her and said get out of my face and Erica DID push him back! I really thought he would have flew backwards out that chair!

  3. Well Francine(From Arthur the cartoon) says they are just friends! I mean Erica was just with him last month walking hiom into the jail house along with momma dee! #Shruggs

  4. Shay really need to back the f-ck off and respect their engagement!!!! Women like Shay give single ladies a distasteful name. I’m so glad Scrappy can stand strong on his word I just hope they will be able to make!!!!!! I’m going for team Lil Scrappy & Erica

  5. often as parents we want the best for our children but we don’t always know whats best.Shay isn’t whats best because she wouldn’t cosign momma dee’s foolery.Erica while she is the mother of his child,clearly the respect is gone.we can say all day that she or he is not dating the parent but the parents havr to be respected.before you respect eachother we all must respect God but it makes good teleision. hang in there Erica for Imani trust if its wrong God is gonna make it.Shay you know it is bad when even Flav don’t want you. have some pride about yourself if you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything

  6. Now she’s the GOLD DIGGER !!! Momma Dee has that sh-t twisted!! Shay needs to sit her trick a-s down some where…..Get your own man!!

  7. Shay doesn’t want scrappy and erica together and everyone can clearly see that because she’s hangin out with momma dee and that has TROUBLE written all over it! I’m not about to sympathize with momma dee because SHE IS DEAD WRONG, i know she is his mother but there should be a line drawn somewhere, what erica and scrappy do is their business and momma dee should sit her old behind down!!!! shay should get herself together flav dissed her on national tv after she gave him the booty, i don’t blame him though i would’ve tooted and booted her too! smh. Scrappy is stupid because erica took him back after all that was on season 1, and there is no telling what he done before the taping of the show (DIAMOND)! I could be wrong but i think erica is a rider! Shay is only thirsty for attention… Since momma dee think’s shay is this and that, why doesn’t she get with shay herself… shay wouldn’t mind, i know if she did flava flav she wouldn’t mind momma dee!!! Scrappy needs to get it together. Don’t let shay do you like diamond did you! When will you men learn stay at home with your wives the ones who gone ride for you NO MATTA WHAT! I Bet Shay would drop you in a heart beat if Flav came back. lol ….. I’m Still #TEAM #ERICA&SCRAPPY

  8. I really feel that scrappy loves erica,why else would he fight so hard for his mother and her to try to get along.shay is jus a jump off to lick his wounds cuz erica dissed his a-s on tv.shay as a woman honestly u should feel real stupid,I understand being friends an forgiving but being stuck on stupid is crazy!

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