Ariane Says She’s Not to Blame for K. Michelle & Rasheeda’s Fight

Photo Credit: @whoisariane Instagram/VH1
Photo Credit: @whoisariane Instagram/VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The K. Michelle and Rasheeda fight that went down on the recent episode of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta is still fresh on everyone’s minds, but many wonder if things could have been prevented if Ariane would have just refrained from asking the two reality stars to speak to one another. If you watched the third episode, than you already know things went down between K. Michelle and Rasheeda at Mimi Faust’s housewarming party. It did appear that neither wanted to acknowledge each other but it might have been for the best considering they have been taking so many shots at one another in their recent interviews and social networking accounts.

Thanks to Ariane pushing them to “say hi,” Rasheeda took the first verbal jab and told K. Michelle she knows she is still fresh on her mind because she’s still talking about her via her Twitter account. K. Michelle then clapped back and cited her infamous Instagram rant, and it didn’t take long for Rasheeda to go in on the singer’s “raggedy a*s wig” and K. Michelle to go after her favorite target, Kirk Frost’s “three earrings.” Although Rasheeda did walk out to avoid a fight, she came back once K. Michelle took shots at Kirk. In the end, her walking up on K. Michelle ended in her getting a candle tossed at her and kicked in the knees by the quicker R&B singer.

Many fans of the show have blamed Ariane for starting the fight, and she has made it clear on her Twitter account that she doesn’t agree.

She tweets (read from top to bottom):

ariane twitter 1

ariane twitter 2

ariane twitter 3

ariane twitter 4


  1. Well first let me say that Ariane looks sexy AF on the thumbnail of this story, but she did start the mess between Rasheeda and K. Michelle. Like if they are grown women like everybody is saying they are, then there was no need for another grown woman to tell them to speak to each other. I hate when people do that. You know they don’t like each other, so just let them speak on their own terms. Ariane started that sh-t.

  2. I think it seemed that way for TV. The moral is 2 GROWN “Women” decided to act in or out of character for TV! Ariane is not the blame, people must learn you are responsible for your OWN actions!

  3. I disagree. I like Ariane, but she definitely started it. She had a sinister look on her face when she told them to speak as well. But K. Michelle and Rasheeda shouldn’t have taken the bait. All three of them are wrong in my book.

  4. It’s not her fault. Two grown women decided to act like fools because they wanted to. She’s very pretty btw…

  5. I watched it again and can’t help but wonder why she said anything! They were doing just fine not speaking. They are grown and both realized it’s best not to say anything to each other. So yeah, I partly blame Ariane for it. If people don’t want to speak, just let it be.

  6. I think she started it. Maybe that’s more so because of editing, but that’s what it looked like to me. Both were tolerating each other until she got involved.

  7. Yea they might have eventually bumped heads but Ariane played a part in speeding up the process.

  8. Ariane shouldn’t have said anything, however, K & Rasheeda didn’t have to entertain each other.

  9. This chica is so well put together…make-up, hair….on point. I ain’t hating.

  10. Yes, Ariane started that mess becuz they were sitting there ignoring one another and not saying anything. If that was working for the group to remain calm, why she felt compelled to pretend like she was trying to do good when she really had ulterior motives?! Bulls*#t Ariane. She knew damn well once one of them said something flip it was on from there. She’s full of $hit. Period.

  11. If they did not speak,she should have let it remained like that because she already knew the situation between the two ladies.That was very stupid of her to do because she knew that doing that whould start drama.If she was such a real friend to Mimi,she would have not did that.If it was my bff house warming party,I would have did everything to make sure nothing like that happened.

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