Kim Kardashian’s Family Worried About Kanye’s Anger Issues?

Photo Credit: @kimkardashian Instagram
Photo Credit: @kimkardashian Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kanye West is known for being very outspoken and he’s no stranger to causing controversy whether it’s through his music or his outlandish behavior with the paparazzi. As we recently reported, Kanye caused many to raise eyebrows when he walked head first into a metal street sign in an attempt to avoid getting snapped by the paps and then went berserk on a pap minutes later. Although Kim was present at the time and attempted to calm him down with no success, it’s now being reported that her family is concerned that Kanye’s recent outburst with the pap is a sign that things could do downhill very soon, especially since most of Kim’s career depends on her daily photo ops and run ins with the paps. Radar Online reports:

“The Kardashian family members, particularly Kim’s mom Kris Jenner, are growing increasingly concerned about how Kanye treats Kim,” the insider said.

“Kris is also concerned about how Kanye acts around the paparazzi. The Kardashians have made their names off the back off being photographed, but Kanye has a real aversion to it.

“The incident in Beverly Hills last Friday when he walked into the street sign was just the latest in a string of issues that have concerned Kris. When they were in Paris, Kanye kept telling the paparazzi to leave him and Kim alone. But as a manager, Kris wants Kim and Kayne to be photographed; it’s their gig.”


The site also goes on to say that the source says Kris Jenner is also pretty furious with Kanye for not opening up doors for a very pregnant Kim Kardashian. In a recent video of the two catching up in New York, Kim can be seen actually holding the door open for Kanye despite being about 7 months pregnant.


  1. Eh, I doubt her family cares as long as he still manages to be relevant. That’s really all the care about…fame and money. As long as Kanye has both, I doubt they care how he treats her.

  2. Another story planted by Kris Jenner to make it look like the Kartrashians aren’t money hungry, fame-whoring people. Whatever Kris. LOL.

  3. Why do they always try to make Kim out to be some victim or damsel in distress? This is the same lowlife who faked a marriage for her crappy reality show. No sympathy here.

  4. Kris Jenner stays busy with these planted stories. Anything to keep her prized pig relevant. They will even throw her baby daddy under the bus for a headline. Kanye is an idiot for knocking up this girl.

  5. They doing to Kanye the same thing they did to Kris. Assassinate his character and try to paint Kim as the victim. Kanye you done f-cked up. These Kardashians are going to kill his reputation if he leaves Kim. Oh wells he got what he asked for.

  6. I’m ready for Kimye to go sit down somewhere. They thought they would be a power couple but they are actually a big joke in Hollywood. Karma at its finest!

  7. Kris Jenner sat down!!!!! You sold your daughter’s sex tape! You have no room to be concerned about anyone.

  8. I really can’t wait until this whole family goes away. The world would be a much better place.

  9. Doesn’t this woman,Kris Jenner, have limites?Fame,fame,fame;money,money and more fame and money, it is all she thinks,I bet she is the one who encourange Kylie to pursue Jaden smith, cuz he said that they’re only friends and that she shows up to the places where he is.SMH, serves her right that her children always treat her with no respect..Mark my words, she will try to pimp that baby, and Kanye and her will have a war…lol

  10. Kim has an A– to kiss too!! She don’t need ol horse face. The baby will fine with out another mommy…

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