Kerry Washington Doesn’t Like People Calling Olivia Pope a Side Piece

Photo Credit: The Wendy Williams Show/YouTube
Photo Credit: The Wendy Williams Show/YouTube

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kerry Washington’s latest film “Peeples” may have flopped at the box office in its opening weekend, but her show “Scandal” is still blazing the small screen so much these days that it easily got renewed for another season by ABC. Earlier this morning, the beautiful actress stopped by “The Wendy Williams Show” to promote “Peeples” and she also talked a little about her hit show “Scandal” in which she plays the lead character and fan favorite Olivia Pope. Although Olivia is loved by many, she is still labeled as a “side piece” and a “home wrecker” by many who love the show. So when Wendy told her she loved the show and enjoyed her portrayal of a side piece to a president, Kerry defended her character and says she doesn’t really appreciate people calling Olivia a side chick, but that’s not before she revealed why she’s in love with playing the character.

On why she loves playing Olivia Pope, Kerry says:

“We all have a job identity where we have to be in control and we know what we’re doing. Sometimes for our family, we have to act like we’re okay. But then behind closed doors we’re human. I love that about her.”


And when it comes to the “side piece” label Olivia Pope gets from fans and critics of the show, Kerry says she loathes the term and thinks it’s a label that objectifies women:

“I just mean for women…I feel like when we refer to other women as a piece it’s objectifying. But I mean also, the President has said to her, ‘I will leave my wife for you.’ She said ‘No.’ So it’s sort of a question on whether she’s choosing to not be with him, she doesn’t believe she deserves it because she doesn’t really think he’ll leave his wife. But he has said, ‘I’ll give up all of this for you.’ So is she a side piece or is she just someone who’s afraid to be all in? I don’t know. Only Shonda Rhimes knows.”


Do you agree with Kerry about her views on Olivia and the term “side piece?” Speak on it and check out the interview below:


  1. Kerry girl have a seat. Olivia is a side piece. Why? Because she is a secret. When a man keeps you a secret, you’re a side piece. There’s no need to get all deep about it because a man can be a side piece too. If you’re on the side, that’s just what it is. It’s not that serious. LOL.

  2. I hate that she tried to make this a sexist thing. Honestly, she sounds sexist talking like only women can be side pieces in 2013. Please, I’ve had a few male side pieces myself and they didn’t mind it either. LOL.

    1. you go girl!! i’ve had side pieces too, had to let them go when they were getting hooked to the box. Men are just like women when they’re ready.

  3. She’s most def a side chick. But who cares? it’s still a good show. I don’t think she should take it to heart.

  4. She’s a side piece and no one is holding a gun to her head and making her keep dealing with Fitz. People are calling it what it is.

  5. I love this show! I get what she’s saying but if you’re on the side, you’re on the side. Lots of men tell their mistresses they love them and will leave the wife, blah blah blah. She isn’t any different from most.

  6. I guess the criticism is starting to get to her a little. But the truth is the truth. The man got head from his wife in the show with no rubber on and later that night whipped it out and smashed Olivia with no rubber on. I like the show, but she’s definitely in denial about her character.

  7. I love Scandal and watch it faithfully, but Olivia Pope IS a side piece. Point blank and the period.

  8. This show is overrated to me. Too much emphasis is being placed on her being a jumpoff to a white man. I just don’t get the hype. Good luck to her though.

  9. If you’re not the main and the world doesn’t know about you, then that means you’re on the side. But a woman should strive to be the only. #shrugs

  10. She’s on the side, treated like a secret and he’s still “married” so yeah, she’s a side piece.

  11. I agree that the term does objectify the character but it doesn’t change the fact that Liv is still a mistress at this point. Maybe it’s by her choice, but she’s still on the side for now.

  12. I don’t care if Olivia is on the side, in the middle or thrown off the plate all together, I love this damn show!

  13. Kerry you’re taking this a little too seriously. If someone sneaks around with her dude, I doubt she’ll be against calling her a side piece and everything else in the book. Lmbo.

  14. It is simple. If a woman is not given top billing– in terms of title, family position, assets, etc.– in a man’s life and another woman has all of those things, then the woman in question is a side piece. A whole lot of men love their side pieces more than their wives, but love, alone, does not change their position.

  15. I’m pretty sure all of you missed her bone of contention. She stated that she doesn’t agree with the term “pieces” as a way to describe a woman. Had Wendy called Olivia a mistress, I don’t think she would have objected, but black people stay calling women all kinds of derogatory names so I guess being called a “piece” wouldn’t make any of y’all blink anyway. I guess that’s preferable to being labelled a “n-gro bed wench”, which I’ve seen quite a lot from black men who are mad that she’s sleeping with a married white man rather than a married black man…….

    1. Agree completely with Kendall, Kerry disagreed with the term not the reality. She is perfectly aware that Fitz is cheating with Olivia on the side, but to refer to any woman as a piece is objectifying and demeaning and it diminishes the value of the relationship, and if you watch the show, you are aware the relationship’s value extends well beyond the sex, and it is her fear that keeps them apart, not him. So I for one am glad the Kerry said something because by her not she would’ve been giving unconscious permission to have her character objectified, because people will call you many things in life but it is what you respond to that defines your character, and she is saying NO I will not accept that title, so go Kerry!

  16. I completely agree with Cher and Kendall it is easy for everyone to just dismiss Olivia and the president’s relationship as just the average situation of a man cheating on his wife however those people are looking from the outside in. And as stated by Cher if you have actually watched the show you are fully aware that Olivia’s relationship with the president goes way beyond sex. Alls fair in love and war. I’m not saying that what they are doing is right. However it is more recognizable and acceptable for a man to leave his wife for someone who he was truly in love with other than a man just having sex with a girl he only uses for sex because his wife got lazy. Calling ANY woman a side piece is degrading.

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