Erica Dixon and Shay Johnson Twitter Beef

Photo Credit: @msericadixon Instagram
Photo Credit: @msericadixon Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Another Erica Dixon and Shay Johnson Twitter beef went down yesterday. If you’ve been following season two of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” so far, then you already know that Erica and Lil Scrappy’s relationship is on the rocks. The main reason their engagement looks to be in doom is because of Momma Dee’s continuous interference. She’s already made it clear to Scrappy on numerous occasions that she doesn’t want him with Erica and so far she’s taken drastic measures to convince him to give his old romance with Shay Johnson another shot. This would of course be one of the reasons things turned ugly quickly at the dinner on the previous episode, and both Erica and Momma Dee continue to take jabs at each other on their Twitter accounts. Lil Scrappy and Erica continue to be off and on as a result of Momma Dee’s refusal to accept their engagement, and it appears that the new rumors surrounding an alleged rekindled romance between Shay and Lil Scrappy has made Erica want to throw in the towel.

Many blogs are reporting that Lil Scrappy has made his way back to Shay and the rumors originated thanks to an event both attended in Atlanta the other night. Erica wasted no time and took to her Twitter account to confirm that she’s single and is more than happy to give her leftovers to Shay. She tweets:

erica dixon and shay johnson twitter beef


Shay Johnson wasted not time in clapping back and pointed out that Erica is only on the show because of Scrappy and doesn’t “do anything” to warrant fame on her own:

shay johnson and erica dixon twitter beef

erica dixon and shay johnson beef


Honestly, we think this is just for show because people who actually attended the event the other night claim Erica, Shay, and Lil Scrappy all arrived and left separately. Shay and Lil Scrappy were cordial, took one photo together for the organizer of the event for promos, and now blogs are claiming they are back together. Even Shay herself said recently they are still just good friends and nothing more. And since Lil Scrappy goes to court this morning to learn his fate from his latest probation violation, we fully expect Erica to be there to support like she was the last time. Just saying.


  1. Yeah, I think this had become one big stunt honestly. I’m still going to watch the show though. LOL.

  2. Both of them look pretty stupid right now. Shay wants to be with someone who is clearly engaged/involved, and Erica keeps taking him back after she swears he’s nothing but a momma’s boy. Chile…

  3. They are acting like birds. I love Erica, but she’s starting to look just as stupid as Mimi has since season one.

  4. Take all that weave and booty away from Shay and she’s not cute in the least bit. Chicks get a pound of weave on top of their heads and a new booty and they start thinking they are fine. No ma’am.

  5. This is a mess. I need both ladies to have several seats and stop making themselves look childish over this childish man-boy.

  6. OK, One thing and I’m done:

    I knew you from “Flavor of Love” is not a compliment of a phrase ANYONE should be proudly claiming!!! #IJS #FOH SHay is so thirsty, it’s laughable!!

  7. Wait So Shay Thought it was ok for sumbody to say they knew her from Flava Of Love.??????

    B-tch Its Definitely NOT! The Thirst Is Real u went from kissin&&Huggin on a Hype Man tryna find “Love” to being a homewrecker that’s not Cute Boo!

    I give it to Erica because she’s Now famous without Being a Slutbag.!

  8. Shay looks so thirsty, an desperate, its stupid, how can
    She call herself a grown woman, wanting a man who gave
    Another woman a ring for$ 20,000, ( how much was ur ring Shay)?
    Lol!!!!! This hoe silly, silly. Please get yo life Shay, u look dumb.

  9. why is everyone hating on shay she not a bad girl. I don’t think that she to blame she just like any other us who meet a man and start dating him and his exgirl or baby mama come in the picture. the man the one to blame not the women just like lil- scappy the one to blame not shay so hate on him not her.

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