Chris Brown and Karrueche Back Together? Ex Girlfriend Spotted on Set of Music Video

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Chris Brown and Karrueche back together? Chris Brown and Rihanna may be over for now and still taking jabs at each other on their Twitter accounts, but apparently things aren’t so nasty between Chris and his other ex girlfriend Karrueche Tran. As we recently reported, Chris was spotted partying with Karrueche close to his birthday and it’s been reported that the former couple was also spotted partying together a couple of nights ago. While that’s nothing new and Chris did have more people with him in addition to his ex, but people are questioning just why on earth Karrueche was hanging around on the set for one of his recent music videos. According to Bossip, Karrueche was all smiles and on deck for the shooting for Tank’s single “Shots Fired,” which features Chris Brown. The site reports:

Reunited and it feels so good? It hasn’t been long that Chris Brown has cut ties with Rihanna but it looks like he’s already calling on his old faithful steady Karrueche! BOSSIP sources tell us the blasian beauty was spotted on the set of his video for “Shots Fired” grinning like a Cheshire cat and we’ve got the photos to prove it!


Here’s the photo of Karrueche on the set and all smiles obtained by Bossip:

karrueche shots fired


So are these two back together? We seriously doubt it. If anything, we’re thinking Chris Brown and Karrueche are just still good friends and by Chris’ admission in a recent interview, it doesn’t sound like he wants to be in another committed relationship anytime soon.


        1. And the STAN for Rihanna in you is even more sickening. How are you going to call Kae out for doing something Rihanna has done for the last several years with this dude? #Imsleeptho

          1. Rihanna has never ran behind and slopped up another woman’s seconds like Karrueche is doing. Not to mention Rihanna has a certifiable talent rather than only being known for being a rebound chick.

          2. @ Navy

            “Rihanna has never ran behind and slopped up another woman’s seconds like Karrueche is doing. Not to mention Rihanna has a certifiable talent rather than only being known for being a rebound chick.”

            You sure about all of that? LOL.

          3. @ navey
            certified talent you claim in what exactly stripping? cus she sure as hell is no talented artist lol

        2. The truth is the truth though. Neither Rihanna or Karrueche played their cards right when it came to Chris. Rihanna should have been done with him after he slammed her head into the dashboard, and Karrueche should have been done with him when he publicly played her for Rihanna. Call a spade a spade.

    1. I know you’re a stan, but Rihanna isn’t much better. Both of them have taken Chris back and tolerated him way too many times to count.

  1. to each its own, but I don’t even think I could be friends with an ex that played me as bad as Chris played her. Maybe that’s just me, but I just couldn’t do it. I’d be cordial, but friends? Nah.

    1. You’re so right. How could you take a man back the beat the brakes off of you and….Oh wait, wrong girl…my bad… Carry on.

  2. Chris Breezy must love his exes cause he is always bouncin back to one. I wonder if he is gonna jump back into Draya’s bed?

    -4 Da Shorteez

  3. Maybe they are just friends, but if it were me, I’d be too busy doing me to be following Chris around…friends or not. More power to her.

  4. First of let me say I love Karrueche she is so small and cute. I don’t know why everyone is saying that she has low self esteem just bc she is seen hanging with Chris. Karrueche is doing her thing modeling clothing and working on her own line. I don’t know why everyone is like oh she has Rihanna’s seconds when we’ve all had someones seconds and Chris told both girls that he was in love with both of them. In the end he chose to go with Ri . I don’t say Rihanna has low self esteem bc she chose to go back with Chris after that incident happened, I think they both just needed to see if something was there bc after all that drama went down there were alot of unresolved issues and they owed it to themselves to work through that. Low self esteem is when you choose to stay with someone after they continue to treat you like crap by doing whatever.And for the record Karrueche never left the picture and if Chris didn’t want her around she wouldn’t be. If Chris and Rihanna have worked out what they really needed and got the closure I think they both needed then they both can move on.But something tells me that they are not done bc they are trying to hold on to something that once was.

  5. What up with this girl, I said girls and not women cuz they aren’t intittle to that…It is sos said that million of women trought History didn’t had the power to leave her cheating husband, they were obligate to stay wit hthem and pretend nothing hapeen;millions of women faught for the rights of women for what,so that in 21st chicks like this,Rihanna and Kae low themselves to a cheathing bastard like Chris…They’re teaching young girls that it is ok to accept that your boyfriend may beat the sh-t out of you, cheat on you, call you names and treat like sh-t..Thank God I had a Great Mom, that always taught me that I should always keep in mind that I’m worth and should never let a man treat me bad…and is that, that I’m teaching my daughter….

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