Nick Cannon Buys Rights to ‘Soul Train’

Photo Credit: @nickcannon Instagram
Photo Credit: @nickcannon Instagram

By: Taren Vaughan

Nick Cannon buys rights to Soul Train? Soul Train goes down as one of the best musical variety shows of all time as it served as a place for African American artists to perform their hit songs and a place for people to show off their dance skills live on national television. The creator of “The Hippest Trip in America”, the late Don Cornelius, had a great run as the show’s host. And as there were other hosts that stepped in after Don’s reign was over, including Shemar Moore, Soul Train’s popularity began to fizzle out, resulting in the show going off the air. Nick Cannon however is looking to change all of that though as it has been confirmed Nick has purchased the rights to Soul Train and is attempting to revamp the popular show that was created back in the early 70’s and plans to bring it back to the small screen.

Here’s the report from All Access:

ALL ACCESS has learned that MARIAH CAREY’s husband, television host and former CBS Top 40 WNOW (92.3 NOW FM)/NEW YORK morning jock NICK CANNON is close to bringing back “SOUL TRAIN” — at one time, the longest running syndicated weekly show.

According to our sources, CANNON has purchased all the rights to the show and is in the process of revamping it and returning it to television.

It has not been made clear yet if Nick Cannon is going to be the actual host of Soul Train but there is a strong chance that that may happen. In related news, Nick Cannon announced that he is quitting radio and is focusing on other aspects of his career including his new multimedia company NCredible Entertainment , current hosting gigs, and a new album.

Thoughts on Nick Cannon’s chance at successfully reviving Soul Train?


  1. Leave well enough alone! If he must have a dance show, don’t call it Soul Train. Call it something else. We all know that it won’t have the same vibe as Soul Train. Soul Train wasn’t the same once Don Cornelius stopped being the host. His show will probably showcase rap, hip-hop and lame R&B.

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