Is Erica Keeping Daughter Emani Away from Lil Scrappy over Shay?

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Taren Vaughan

Erica and Lil Scrappy’s daughter gets thrown into their beef? Lil’ Scrappy and Shay Johnson have recently been rumored to be back together after it appeared as though things were not looking too good between Scrappy and his fiancee Erica. And way before Erica called off the wedding, Momma Dee was on a mission to convince Scrappy to leave Erica for good and give things with Shay another shot as Momma Dee has made it crystal clear that she thinks Shay and Scrappy together is a good look for her son. And Momma Dee’s persistence looks to have paid off as word is that Scrappy and Shay have been spotted together, out and about, all around Atlanta together. And it appears that Momma Dee has officially welcomed Shay into “the palace” as Momma Dee held a charity event at “XS Ultra Lounge” in Atlanta, Georgia called “Stomp the Runway,” where Shay was crowded “Princess of the South.”

Here’s what eyewitnesses who went to the event revealed to Hip Hop Gossip Site:

“According to some witnesses who attended Friday’s crowning stated
that Shay hardly ever left Scrappy’s side and was indeed crowned the
“Princess of The South.”

No word yet on how Erica Dixon is feeling about all of this, but word
on the internet curb is that she’s “allegedly” been giving Scrappy a
hard time about seeing their daughter. I have no idea if that last
part is true or not, but that’s what the streets of Atlanta are
reporting to me.”

And judging from this picture below obtained by HHGS, it looks like Scrappy and Shay were enjoying each other’s company at the event:

erica and lil scrappy daughter



  1. My goodness! These folks are immature and need to grow up. I’m so over Erica and Scrappy. And Shay…no words. This will be my last comment on the three of them.

  2. Personally, I wouldn’t want to be the girlfriend by default. He only with her due to Erica kicking him to the curb…

  3. Scrappy don’t want no girlfriend or a wife. If he did he wouldn’t be texting other women. Also last year Scrappy stressed the fact that Erica doesn’t show him enough emotions or love and he also stated a couple of weeks ago that she acts one way on camera lovey dovey and off camera she is a b–ch. They had no chance in getting married they are not compatible. It’s not all Momma Dee fault. Scrappy and Erica are having the same issues as Rasheeda and Kirk no emotions, communication, or trust. They both need to move on and never return again. If she is keeping the baby away from him she is just as childish as Traci showing up to Drew’s house unannounced after 7 years apart. Just because you got a child with a man does not mean you own him or requires your permission of who he is currently dating. Your main concern and conversation should be about your child and nothing else. I hate women who are emotionally attach and put there feelings before parenthood.

  4. Umm, it says “ALLEGEDLY” so no one knows for sure if Erica is doing this or not. We don’t know these people, only what’s seen on TV (after editing) and what one says about the other, so no one will ever really know what’s the real deal unless we know them personally.

  5. In the name of all that’s holy….could someone tell that girl that she doesn’t need to wear 2 complete weaves on her head……

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