Rihanna Thinks Chris Brown Used Her to Become Relevant Again

Photo Credit: @badgalriri Instagram
Photo Credit: @badgalriri Instagram

By: Taren Vaughan

Rihanna and Chris Brown’s relationship timeline has been filled with break-ups, make-ups and plenty of drama as both Rihanna and Chris have been rather open about what they have going on with each other. And Rihanna and Chris Brown’s relationship has faced much scrutiny as people won’t let Chris Brown move past his assault on Rihanna while they were together back in 2009. Not caring much about public opinion, Rihanna and Chris Brown ended up getting back together and didn’t try to hide their rekindled romance from anyone at all, boasting about how happy they were with each other and how much they had grown since they last dated. As for their parents, Rihanna’s dad was all for her getting back with Chris while Chris Brown’s father had a very different opinion on his son’s relationship and said that he felt Chris’ romance with Rihanna could led to nothing but more drama and even death. Though Chris wasn’t faced with death, his father was apparently on to something as Rihanna and Chris Brown broke up again and shaded each other post break-up. And now a source has revealed to British magazine Star that Rihanna is very upset with herself for giving her romance with Chris another try and feels he used to her to gain his relevancy again:

“Rihanna took a massive risk with Chris, letting him back into her life after his conviction, learning to trust him again, then going public with their romance again.

“She took more than her share of flack for staying with a man who beat her, and all the while Chris has been reviving his career. He was virtually blacklisted by the industry after what he did, and with Ri’s support – and their publicity their relationship has brought – found respectability.

“Rihanna is angry that she let herself invest so much time in Chris again and is sick of him constantly letting her down. She feels like he takes her for granted and forgets what they’ve been through and what she’s done for him – she basically put him back on the map.”


Rihanna and Chris Brown’s break up is still fresh but it didn’t take long at all for both of them to get linked to other people as Rihanna was rumored to be dating NBA star J.R. Smith while Chris and ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran continue to fuel the talk of them getting back together.


  1. I love Ri Ri but boys do not change and this is a lesson every woman has to learn once in there life. It’s a huge difference between boys and men. They both need to look forward and never look back because they are toxic together. Move on.

  2. Well one could say the same thing about her. She didn’t become a big star until Chris laid down the smackdown.

    1. THANK YOU!!! SHE put HIM back on the map? Did she forget her endless interviews that forever mentioned the incident to contribute to his blacklisting and her now solidified fame in the industry that is barely based on real talent? Rihanna needs to just hush and sit because God knows it was Chris who made her relevant. The guy had to start from scratch, resort to using mixtapes to get back his fanbase, all the while having to deal with endless questions about that one night while Rihanna was riding on the same incident to establish her “bad gal” persona. Honestly, she needs to just get real because the only reason she was so adamant to get Chris back was because he finally started earning some respect from his peers and he had found a stable relationship that opposed that “monster” image that Rihanna and her camp tried to make him out to be. I feel sorry for Rihanna because after all the pot shots and attacks on Kae and moving from side chick status to whatever to was to Chris, he still left her. That is not Chris using her, but him realizing that their relationship was not the same and maybe, just maybe, his relationship with Kae was more valuable than he initially thought. It is not the end of the world though. Rihanna is rich and beautiful and if she is able to present a more mature attitude, there is no man in this world that will turn her down. She just needs to move on and I hope she does not use this situation to earn pity points and ruin Chris….again…

  3. Oh goodness. I don’t feel that way at all. I think they had unfinished business and needed to see that what they thought they had wasn’t all that to begin with. They are young and need to date other people. And for goodness sakes don’t try this again. LOL.

  4. I can definitely see why she might feel that way but I think Chris does care for her. Is he good for her? Not at all, but she’s not good for him either. You can have all the passion in the world but that doesn’t mean you are meant to be.

  5. Ummm no. Both of them became superstars after the “incident.” Negativity does that for celebs. Crazy world we live in.

  6. I feel like she and Chris were wrong for how they did karrueche but as a woman I know that feeling and it sucks big time, now just get ur paper Ri and wait for something Good Given

  7. Rihanna please the relationship didn’t work out because of the both of them. She always wants to put all the blame on Chris everytime they don’t work out. Like her hands are squeaky clean. Whatever

  8. Just like we all said a few months ago when they rekindle their romance, that it would not last, due to Chris hanging out with both girls…I do not feel sorry for her,wasn’t she so arrogant saying that it wasn’t nobody business, and now she is playing the victim?Girl please……This was lesson #1, and it still more lessons to come……

  9. Riri you don’t say ,as I could of told you that back in dec 2012,anyway Riri serves you right as Karma is a bytch lol

  10. Cuse me….Didn’t she say that it was her mistake to make……..Well, you did (make a mistake that is). I don’t feel sorry for her.

  11. Of course it was hers to make. She made it, now hopefully she will move on. Like we all don’t make them. Please ….

  12. Im so tired of her playing the victim like she didnt slap him in that car 1st…after she saw that text message which lead to all of this!

  13. I dont even want to read the story… Relevant again ? It seems that he has dispersed from the “relevant” spotlight after getting back with her.

  14. Rihanna, stop with the victim card…AGAINNNN. You got big from it the first time, you should just be glad because honestly you can’t sing all that well, let alone dance, or perform. The lyrics that you do write sound like the stupidest shit. Please move on. Chris is anything but hardworking since his crash, and trying to live his life. You should too. So he didn’t choose you, it’s your mistake. Stop blaming. You’re always blaming or the victim of something that did not go your way. You’re not that nice either.

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